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    Free Study Planner + FAR NINJA Notes (Governmental Accounting): https://www.another71.com/cpa-exam-study-plan/

    FAR Exam Experience: https://www.another71.com/cpa-exam-forum/topic/far-exam-experience-official-thread





    cpa runner

    Glad to see this group go up! I will be starting to study or FAR on December 10th!!!



    @cpa runner when are you taking the exam? I am starting my studying for FAR the same day and just got my NTS trying to decide when to take the exam.



    Right there with you guys.. Got a 74! Its my last exam.. Retaking in early Jan hopefully. Planning on re-reading everything in the next week or two, and then spending 9-10 days doing non stop MCQs & SIMS… and one day on a final review, and then another day on final exam #1 & #2.. Hopefully this will bump me up.. WE WILL CONQUER THIS BEAST!!!!!!!


    cpa runner

    @lsnyc this is my first time preparing to take an exam. I want to make sure I am ready to pass all on the first try. I have not received my notice to sit yet, but am looking at Jan. 22. I do not know what to expect when I start studying, so I do not know if that is to much time to prepare.


    You guys inspire me.

    Following Jeff's plan to study 20 hrs. a week, I get up at 5:00AM and do non-stop MCQ's on the Wiley Test Bank. Went thru Becker and wrote my NINJA notes, and used the Thanksgiving break to record my own NINJA audios.

    My plan is to work 90 MCQ's per day, with 7 SIMs.

    FAR is my first section comming up on Jan. 11th.

    Let's gets this thing DONE!!!


    1/11/13 – FAR






    Wow some of you guys are fast, my test is on 2/27/13 and I started studying for FAR on Nov 3! My plan is to get through one chapter per 12 days, I am using Roger CPA and he has 8 chapters for FAR. If everything is on track, I should be done by 2/8/13, which gives me 2.5 weeks to do final review.



    So I went with Feb 2nd as my testing date for FAR. Hopefully I pass aud next week and can take reg in April! Good luck guys, I'll be back when I start studying for FAR in a little overs a week.



    Lets do it boys and girls!

    I take exam late Feb 27.



    I'm planning on taking the exam on 1/11/13 also. I started studying the beginning of this week, and plan on doing 2 chapters per week. Then I'll have a solid 2 weeks or so for a final review. Ohhh boy.



    Hi all!

    I recently took FAR on 11/9/12 and didn't pass. I have scheduled a retake for 1/12/13 and am starting to study again on 12/3/12. I am going to go back and review everything and focus on the areas that I felt I was weak on. I will admit that I slacked a little bit when studying the last time. Especially at the end because I think I got burnt out (I started studying at the beginning of July so I basically have 5 months to study which I think ended up hurting me). But not this time! I am going to be dedicated to a strict schedule and pass FAR this time! Good luck to everyone studying for and taking FAR in the near future :)!



    I am going to wait to see if the world ends before I waste anytime studying! LOL JK

    I have begun going through my Becker book to add the notes and make my flashcards so I can just worry about paying attention during class.



    I am scheduled to take FAR on January 13th. I took this earlier in Q1 2012 and failed with 72. I am looking for some advice on my study plan for December and January? I don't feel the need to review all the lectures again – my plan is to review ninja notes and re-do the Becker MC and SIMS, while supplementing with my Becker book.

    Thoughts on my plan? Suggestions?



    I am taking January 5th, right before the busy season starts. I got 2 parts down on my first take but this test seems like a whole other beast. I am through chapter 7(Becker) and plan to hopefully be through chapter 8 by Sunday night possibly Monday night. With the following week knocking out chapter 9 & 10, which will leave me 3 1/2 to 4 weeks to go back over everything and starting looking at the NINJA notes. I really hope I can do this test in one shot, it would be nice to come out of busy season in the spring and just have BEC left.

    Here is to everyone passing!!



    Hi guys,

    I'm taking FAR for the first time in middle of January and this is my last exam. I started last week with Becker. I'm planning to finish all lectures by the end of Dec and start reviewing in January.

    Let's pass this thing together!



    Re-taking FAR on Jan 7th after a 71 in October (my first exam). Any tips/advice for what to really study for on a re-take? I'm thinking of picking up some NINJA notes and following Jeff's plan…just hoping I have enough time (just over a month). Good luck to everyone!




    Becker F9—SIM 2.5…(TBS-00008 pg F9.88)

    The Lecture video (class question #11 ) and Simulations (2.5) answers are different for question # 3, 4 5

    anyone found this??, I did not see any updates on becker homepage.




    you've definitely got the right idea about how to re-study.

    I took FAR in February and scored 72. After a full summer and a few other exams, I finally got back to FAR to re-study. Well, long story short, I didn't stick to my study schedule and ended up only reviewing “weak areas”–against my own advice. After all, I was SO close, and the breakdown even said “Stronger” in governmental. Just got results back a couple weeks ago… 65 !! Part of it was pacing during the exam, but mostly I should have reviewed everything better. The chapters I actually re-read were all in the comparable score rating…

    I just want to encourage you to stick to your study plan and really focus, even around the holidays. I know I regret having to retake it.

    All the best to everyone studying this month! šŸ™‚



    Hi folks,

    Iā€™m new to the board and am planning on taking FAR in January. This will be the 1st time Iā€™m testing for a section. Nervous and a bit overwhelm considering the breadth of material in FAR. Currently going through the last few Becker lectures and plan on doing MC and simulations remaining of month. Nice way to spend December..lol. Anyhow, I look forward to being part of this group.



    I have to admit I'm actually getting excited to take FAR. I basically do this stuff everyday, so I'm hoping it won't be a nightmare. That doesn't mean I'm going to slack on my studying though!!



    Anyone else up for a strong week?! I'm going to try to fit 2 1/2 chapters in this week to stay on track.


    I'm in.

    Looking forward to getting my revenge on this exam. It smashed me last time, being my first shot at any of these exams.

    Planning to take in January or February.

    If I can knock FAR and REG out in one testing window, all the better, but definitely not going in until I feel like I have done all I can do..

    Going the NINJA route this time, bring it on FAR.



    Hustlin, if you don't mind me asking, what do you think you did wrong in preparing for this test first time? I am only asking because FAR is my first test coming up in Feb and I am a little unsure what to expect. Sorry if this question is intrusive.



    I just started studying a week ago and my exam is 2/28. Extremely stressed without a doubt. I am currently using Wiley. How is everyone staying motivated since I feel as I keep studying my motivation decreases with it…


    @mscpa – I think I did everything in the book wrong

    First, I studied for about three months but never really stuck to a schedule. I was behind track when it was go-time.

    Second, I didn't take the exam as seriously as I needed to. I had a lot of coworkers who had already passed tell me that they took it more seriously than they needed too. Not the case with everyone.

    Third, I didn't put enough emphasis on ALL topics.

    And Fourth, I freaked myself out beyond belief when I went to take the test. I find I do so much better now that I know the process at Prometric and go into it with a confidence that I know all I should.

    If you study hard enough to where you can pass each section with 80%, I think you should be fine. I have found that is always the key – how I score on practice correlates to how well I do on exam day.

    Just know that there truly aren't any short cuts. If you don't give it your all, it will show.



    Hustlin, Thanks so much for your answer. I know there are no shortcuts, but the information in FAR is truly overwhelming. I am just a little nervous becuase its my first test, and its FAR!!! But thanks so much for your advice.



    @mscpa544 the best piece of advice I heard was the old saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

    Whenever I get freaked out about the amount of information to learn for FAR I try to focus on what I have to finish that day in order to cover all of the information by test day. Be honest, if you don't understand something, don't flip the page and move on. Work a few problems until you understand it.

    Just keep plodding along. Use the Ninja method and don't fall behind. This is like one of those classes in college where if you do your homework EVERY night you will do well.



    I will be taking FAR late Jan/early Feb. I have Roger lectures/textbooks from 2011 as well as Wiley HW and software from 2011. Do any of you think I should upgrade to more current materials? The CSO's have not changed from 2012 to 2013. The 2011 materials have worked for the exams I've taken in 2012.



    Hey Gilbewc I am also using Roger! We should study together šŸ™‚

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