Feeling a little nervous for BEC

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    Y'all are scaring me with your BEC exam experiences….I sit Sept 7th and I'm going to be depressed if I fail. What should I focus on?……Also do you think they are making up for the 60 percent pass rate last quarter?


    Studying for the CPA exam is easy. Its like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire. And the ground is on fire. And everything is on fire. Because you're in H-E Double hockey sticks



    I took BEC on 7/23 and frankly, it was not as bad as I thought. Granted, with these exams, you will never know until score release and two – I have never felt merely “okay” coming out of the testing center (usually I feel like I may need to retake).
    Anyway, felt like I saw a lot of calculations between the two testlets. Don’t remember any econ questions. The Simulations weren’t bad at all… A little suspicious. Writing topics were not out of the ordinary accounting topics.
    Good luck! I take FAR on 9/7 

    AUD - 79
    BEC - 77
    FAR - 80
    REG - 75
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    @Kiran89 for me, IT was something I struggled with. Know the major definitions because that will help eliminate answers come exam day. You have to know the definitions to apply them.

    AUD - 92
    BEC - 89
    FAR - 79
    REG - 84
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    First and foremost, relax. All you can control is what you do to prepare. As long as you put in the time and effort, there's not much more you can do. Don't worry about the things that are out of your control, such as how the AICPA will test BEC since last quarter's pass rate was 60%.

    Focus hard on Cost accounting, Economics, and IT. The exams are tricky if you dont study, but if you do, then they are much easier. Plus, you passed FAR and REG.. theres no way you wont pass this one!

    AUD - 86
    BEC - 88
    FAR - 91
    REG - 88
    Ethics - 91

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    Thanks @andrew…..I think I really needed the reminder to not worry about what I can't control! I will get back to studying diligently.


    Studying for the CPA exam is easy. Its like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire. And the ground is on fire. And everything is on fire. Because you're in H-E Double hockey sticks



    Hi, I took BEC yesterday and overall it was not that bad. There were a good handful of calculations in Testlet 1, and the 2nd testlet had pretty wordy questions that took a bit longer to figure out. The sims were straightforward, formulas provided, nothing crazy weird. I wasn't super comfortable with the topics I got for WC, but I think I was able to discuss the topic somewhat intelligently for a few paragraphs…. Hopefully I made it ok. But I don't think you should worry too much! Obviously everyone's exam will be different, but just based on mine I'd suggest reviewing capital management stuff. 🙂

    FAR - 85 (12/17)
    AUD - 80 (1/18)
    REG - 83 (6/18)
    BEC - 85 (7/18)

    Ethics - 95


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