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    Has anyone taken this kinda of class before? If so can you give me some opinions such as if it's worth the money & time, will it do something good for a recent graduate who only took 1 tax class in college and is still trying to find a job? Thanks in advance.



    Don't they give the class for free sometimes? I once remember seeing a sign saying the class was free (a while ago)



    Well I never heard that they had free classes. I saw their ad on craigslist 2 years ago (never took it) and I believe it costs $300 something. Now their website says they may have class around my area starting this June so I'm thinking of taking it but I'm not sure if it's worth the money.



    Yes, I took the H&R Block class in 2008. It wasn't expensive. They were running a promotion for about $35 or something. Is it worth the time? Yes. It starts out very basic, but when it comes to tax, even the basics will be good for you to review and get a better understanding of.

    If you've already taken a tax class in college, it may (or will probably be) a repetition of that, but when it comes to tax, THAT's the way to learn it – repetition.

    Basically, if the class is cheap, take it because a refresher on this info will be helpful. Tax is challenging no matter what.

    I wouldn't pay $300 for it, for sure. You can take tax at a community college for that much (or less) and learn more than you will at H&R Block. So, let that be your guideline – if it costs more than taking a class at your community college, then don't take it.

    FYI – The class is a way for them to recruit employees. They will ask if you're interested in possibly working for them in the following tax season. Just say “yes, you'd like to consider that”. There is NO commitment to sign on as an employee. You can always say no at the end of the class, but some locations may not let you take the class if you say absolutely no.

    On the other hand, if you're looking for a job anyway, H&R Block is actually good to have on your resume. And the hours are flexible. So, it may be an option for you.



    Thanks so much for the information, Tux.



    I really would not bother taking an HandR class. I think a community college tax course is a lot cheaper, and the information is probably better. Also those classes will count towards your accounting units for the CPA exam, and an HandR tax class will not.

    I also dont think the job opportunity that make be offered is really an incentive. Especially when they expect you to pay for your own training and your own CTEC and PTIN registration, and your own bonding. They also make you sign a waiver of liability disclosure that says if the IRS comes after you for any errors involved in the tax preparation, then you are solely responsible. What is the point of the H and R block name and supervision of I'm only getting paid minimum wage, AND im solely responsible for all the tax work? If Im taking all the legal responsibility anyway, then I'd rather prepare returns under my own name and get paid alot more for it.



    I'm working at HRB this tax season and probably the next one as well. Yes I get paid an hourly rate that is just above minimum wage – for now – but when tax season is over I will get a commission check. 15% of the charges for returns prepared, less the wages I've already been paid. During busy season the commission is a LOT higher than the hourly so I'll come out ahead. I work in a franchise office and the family that owns my franchise is very understanding that people have a life outside of work and they have been extremely flexible and accommodating when I need time off for school, family obligations, or even just a break. I can't speak for Corporate.

    As far as the tax class, I did not have to take it since I'm getting my MTX in May so I had enough of a background in tax that they didn't require me to take their class too. I've heard that it's very good, though.



    CalCPASoon: My college has 2 tax professors and both of them are not very good. They all have good knowledge but they just can't teach. That's why I'm looking for an alternative.

    kmwgrace: That's good to hear. There's a franchise office which is very near my place so hopefully I can work there next year.

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