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    I have two weeks to study for Audit and I've only got some ways through the Becker material. I was thinking to ditch the videos and just read the book and keep redoing mcq till I get them right. I took and passed FAR in Q2 and have heard that some of the material overlaps. So considering that, do you guys think my plan is alright? Also I'll probably only have 3 days of final review time, what should I do during those days?



    Hi @Nando, speaking from experience, I never watched any of the Becker videos for all the exams. If I were you, I'd stop watching the videos and just get right down to reading the book and doing non-stop MCQs as you said. It also helps if you can get the NINJA notes as they provide a brief but general overview for all the material you need to know for the exam. It's also important to review SIMs when you can get a chance. If you have time, try to go over a section of SIMs for each chapter if possible during your two weeks.

    Hope this helps!



    Definitely continue to do multiple choice until you are consistently scoring well (80s/90s) but also make sure you are scoring well because you understand it (not memorizing the answers). Make sure you understand why the answer is correct, but also make sure you understand why the other answers are NOT correct. If I needed further clarification I would look at the book and re-read that little section (Becker MCQ shows which page the question is from). I found this super helpful for audit. I personally did not do any SIMs as it is highly unlikely you will see a SIM on your exam that you practiced (other than AICPA practice exam SIMs). Be prepared for looking through a lot of docs in SIMs though. For final review I would just continue to work MCQs. I found writing down the answers I got wrong helpful as well.



    Hammering MCQs as much as possible is best. Also trying some Sims are helpful, especially the ones in the sections you may be struggling in. Videos are not necessary, but MCQs are crucial. If you can score well in the questions, the actual exam will be cake.

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    Thank you @aash @ck @glopooka !!!!

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