High Score Achievers – what did you eat on day of exam?

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    Hey, welcome to another ridiculous post by BrightLight, formerly known as Roze and ClearlyLost3772.

    I am a huge believer in the phrase “you are what you eat”

    Tell me…what did you eat while studying and before taking the exam?

    Unlimited tons of caffeine is understandable – did you drink coffee black or with creamer and sugar? Pop? What kind? Snacks? Which brand? Fast food? Which chain? Chips? Doritos? BBQ? Salt and vinegar? Apples? Nuts? Seaweed?

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    Pork Flavored Bacon

    I always took my exams at 8am on an empty stomach. Even when I took my last two exams back to back on the same day, I only drank a little water between them.
    I was deathly afraid of having to dookie during the exams so I did not eat.



    My parents always told me don't eat too much before an exam since all the blood will be going towards to your stomach and not your brain. I'm not sure how much truth there is in that saying but I still follow it till this day. Note i'm not saying I starve myself, but I usually just eat a power bar or a banana.

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    I'm not a high score achiever unfortunately but I take my exams at like 7:30AM. Either I don't eat and drink a little bit of water or OJ or i'll make a couple of eggs, have a piece of toast, maybe some avocado or fruit(light and healthy breakfast). No fast food, no soda, and nothing that has been too “processed”. A power bar or something similar like one of those Natures Valley granola bars I think is good. Just make sure your “power bar” isn't actually a Snickers bar. I think the meal the night before is very important so I always try to eat a big, healthy dinner (not McDonalds). Basically I think processed sugars aren't the best fuel for our brains, and you don't want a sugar crash mid-exam.

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    Don't change your routine – other than if you drink a ton of coffee (like me), then do it enough in advance so the restroom won't be a factor mid-testlet.


    My normal morning routine is coffee and eggs so I just stuck with that.
    I'd bring a cliff bar and gatorade as a snack. Chose the gatorade specifically for the glucose intake, and the clif bar for being calorie dense in a small package.
    I did one morning test and 3 midday tests, but was always early so ended up testing about an hour earlier than actually scheduled. Limited coffee and fluids before the exam so I would not have to pee. Morning coffee always took care of the other concern.

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    Dad of girls

    I took all my exams first thing in the morning so that I could stay in my normal routine. Took a shower, granola bar or fried egg on toast to eat on the drive (was only able to eat 1/2 of hit b/c of nerves) and a little bit of coffee to get the caffeine in the system. Never did any snacks b/c I was to nervous to eat during the test, only took the clock stop break to quick use the bathroom and then power through the rest.

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    I took 3 of the exams at 12:30 and 1 at 8:00 am. The three 12:30 exams, I think I just ate fast food- probably chick fil a since there is one between my office and the testing center. I still eat terrible while I'm young and can get away with it. For the 8:00 am exam, I wouldn't have eaten anything since I never eat breakfast. I do recall taking caffeine pills instead of drinking the normal, unhealthy amount of coffee, so that I wouldn't have to leave my seat during the exam.

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