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    Celebratory posts are awesome…it would be great if they were in one place for the benefit of others.

    I also think people would enjoy reading the strategies of others and how they passed.

    No questions here please (I will delete them to keep it clean) … just success stories and advice/strategery from those who passed.

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    I Passed BEC


    We lost these awesome posts in the transition – I'll be recovering them and posting here.

    I look forward to the new round of “I Passed” posts. Thanks everyone.



    Finally passed BEC on my third try!!



    I passed BEC this time! I took it back in February, but did not pass (70).

    I used Roger CPA Review for my study materials and Ninja for my MCQ. My trending score was a 67, my practice exam scores were 76 and 66. I got an 81 on the exam.

    My only advice is write your notes. Typing them/highlighting doesn't always allow you to retain the information. And practice the MCQs. I usually leave 3 weeks after I review all of the materials to hit the MCQ really hard.



    CONGRATULATIONS! vannessa_ls!!! very happy for you- I know how relieved you must be to be completely done!

    Congrats to you to mamatoimm— back to the drawing board for me 🙁



    @mckan514 thank you! I am so excited and don't even know how I passed. How are you doing on on Audit? You can do it, just have to stay motivated :))


    Took BEC for the first time and got an 87! Did mostly Becker and then the week before the exam purchased the ninja mc to get more practice.

    Other than that, I purchased the flash cards from Becker and just flipped through each section until I was getting mid 70s on the progress tests.

    Audit next!!


    I passed BEC by the skin of my teeth. 75, baby. three down; one to go. I see you, REG!



    Congrats all!

    Took my first exam and passed BEC with an 82!

    I used Becker self-study. I watched the entire lecture (helped, but too time consuming), and completed all of the course questions. Purchased NINJA MC for the last 8 days, which I highly recommend. I worked about half of the NINJA questions. If I could do it over, I would spend less time on my first run through the material, and more time on review, nailing the concepts and MCQ's..

    Next up, Audit!


    Pawn Maker

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I passed with an 80. It seems that the test didn't have any IT questions that were similar to anything that I had in my study materials (I am using CPAExcel and the Wiley Test Bank). I went through all the MCQs in both programs at least once and add to that that I do light coding and have built my own computer before…and the weakest of my score results was IT. I would recommend that anyone taking BEC in the near future go and review the recently released test questions. I don't recall that I guessed on any questions in my AUD exam but I certainly did on this one and as a result I completely thought I was in for a retake.

    Also, if anyone is not sure if the Ninja notes are worth it, they totally are. I really like the high level viewpoint so I can see how a whole exam fits together and the notes help me keep the different concepts fresh in my mind.



    I passed BEC. it was a retake because it expired before I could pass FAR. now studying for FAR.

    used Becker all the way



    Passed on my first try with an 89! My strategy really helped me a lot to remember and understand the materials. I would watch a lecture, going through and underlining along with the instructor, then I would go through that same section again on my own, and write my own notes for everything. After I was done with notes, I would then do the corresponding homework.

    I know it's a very time-consuming way to study, but by doing so I had a pretty solid grasp of the material on my first time through. Reviewing my notes was super fast and efficient at that point.



    I have no idea how these exams are scored. I passed BEC with an 85! I received the IT COSO exam and seriously thought I failed. One thing for sure: I got lucky because I was guessing a lot.


    Theres no way I passed this thing on my own merit, I had a retake date picked out, but got an 89!? On to the finale! FAR 89 AUD 88 BEC 89 REG ??


    I passed with a 76! I can't believe it! I'm still in shock!!!!



    Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. I'm more shocked than excited, and I don't think its quite hit me yet.

    BEC – 4/2/15 – 81

    FAR – 5/26/16 – 75

    REG – 7/23/16 – 79

    AUG – 8/27/16 – 78



    I passed BEC baby!!! 83!!! Time for a glass of scotch!!! YES!!


    Kim W.

    I passed BEC! My score was 81, I thought for sure it would be higher. Oh well, two down (FAR & BEC) and two to go. This is after being out of college 30+ years and working full-time.



    OMG I can't believe myself. Passed BEC with 84. I have had lost all hope that i would pass this beast exam. I could have not done it without the help from Another71 and NINJA.



    BEC on the 3rd try! 2008 – 73 2013- 69 and here we go- 75. I'll take it!
    Finally I can say I'm moving onto the second section, and I definitely will put in the time suggested this time…. shew.

    REG it is on 12/10!

    Hope everyone had a nice surprising morning today for the 9/20 release!!



    My score wasn't that great, so I can't really give any strategies… but I used Becker. 7 days prior to the exam, I started to go over the progressive questions and just did the problems over and over. Granted I work 2 jobs and picked up some Ballet Barre classes (and had weekly social nights)so I didn't put enough time in, but my crunch strategies were that. Do the problems over and over. I didn't pay attention to the WC at all, and maybe that's why my score was so low- I just tried to use the standard format when doing the WCs and tried to use big buzz words that I can think of.

    For what it's worth, I will take 75 and actually put in the suggested time studying for RED this time.


    83 for BEC on the first try. Thank you Lord Jesus.
    Used Wiley CPA review and test bank. Also did the Ninja Audio and Ninja MCQ's. Thank you Jeff!



    I passed BEC with a 78!!! 3 down…1 to go. I used Gleim and all Ninja products.

    Now on to REG 🙂


    75 for BEC. I can't believe how I passed this Giant.
    Now I feel like I am David the Warrior!
    To God be the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    @Amor D Glad to see you finally passed. You were a great help in the Q3 BEC Study Group. I passed BEC too with a 78. I still have AUD left. Congrats on being done and good luck with your next journey.


    Thank you CPA Gods for letting me pass BEC!! 79!! I sure did not want to study for this exam again.
    Used RogerCPA, Wiley TB and Ninja Audio/MCQ






    Passed BEC with a 80! Thanks to Roger CPA and Ninja MCQ.

    Time to focus on retaking FAR.



    Yay!!! 83!

    I was worried about that one. So many formulas that I was having trouble memorizing. On the morning of the test I sat in the parking lot looking at my formula sheet and then during the 10 min review the rules portion I tried to write down as many formulas as I could remember. Looks like it paid off!

    Time to go update my signature.

    Sticky Nicky
    Sticky Nicky


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