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    I might not be as successful as most of you but I keep telling myself it is never too late to try than regretting not trying at all. Here is my situation graduated from the states in 2013 with a good GPA in accounting but most of the jobs I could find was temporary and also I did have some interviews in some good companies for full time jobs but never passed an interview. I feel the need to draw attention to the fact that I am a legal immigrant so my skills might be different than most of you.(I am assuming that your computer skills and interview skills are better)long story short I thought about pursuing CPA just to have something in my resume to prove that I have the knowledge and open the closed doors. I don't want to waste anymore time and money. So please no judgement because I already know that I wasted time and money. I was planning on studying Reg and Bec before the new change but I was not successful accomplishing that. I purchased Reg review but I feel no way I will be done by March 10th and wants to get Bec review to start studying that so at least I am done with one thing before the change. I want to get Becker's but it will be very expensive if I keep buying things and not accomplishing any thing. What do you think I should do? I have kids and work part time if that makes any difference.



    you can certainly try the Ninja package-I did Becker as I figured it was worth the investment and my company will eventually reimburse… On the other hand, maybe that high price tag will be motivation enough? I know it is for me! You can absolutely take BEC before 3/10-must stick to a study plan and just do it every single day!

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    Are you going to do REG or BEC by 3/10? I would try Ninja and knock it out. You have lots of good studying time to do this. Work out a study plan and you can do it. Good luck to you!

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    @snowchase I was going to take Reg couple of months ago but unfortunately didn't plan wisely and now I feel that I won't be able to take Reg before March10th so that is why I thought about switching to Bec and getting Becker's review.


    i like Ninja and Gleim

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    I'd get one done by March 10, it's plenty of time especially since you're working part time. The job market can be tough, and I'm not convinced having a CPA makes it any easier but you have to work hard at finding a full time job. For reference I sent out over 300 resumes and had over 40 interviews to land the job I have now, and I'm licensed with over 20 years experience.

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    You have absolutely more than enough time to finish BEC by 3/10. Provided you can a slot available. I would honestly, book the LATEST one you can find now and check the prometric every other day or every day if you have to see whether slots open up on the last day. It happened to me for AUD. I surprisingly found an availability on the last day of the window.

    BEC can be conquered before those changes. Good luck!

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