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    What's the lowest CPA score that someone admitted to getting or that you saw? I scored a 67 on REG but a co-worker just found out he had a 37



    I got a 36 on FAR, but I didn't study, at all. I was in public acctg at the time and had NO time to study, but took the exam since it was already paid for. Hopefully your coworker did not study to get that score. If he/she studied and got that score, I imagine they would want to re-think being a CPA 🙁



    I got a 53 on BEC the first time (no studying) a 65 the next time with some studying and a blasted 63 after studying using Becker. I've sh** canned Becker for BEC and bought Yaeger. I did pass AUD using Becker during a very stressful peer review and school audit crunch, studying was something of a joke at that time.

    I am studying like crazy for REG and FAR. I'm using Becker primarily and supplementing with Yaeger cram.



    My co-worker didn't have time to study, but had already paid for it and ran out of time on their NTS



    I scored a 46 on my Regulation exam without studying and also I took the ENTIRE exam in 25 minutes… I was in public at the time and did not study…. Parking garage was $5 an hour and I only had $5 bucks on me

    My manager at the time was taking hers too and sat next to me. she was shocked



    Toddie00.. I'm seriously ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    && Jeff, I have to nominate Toddie00's comment as one of the funniest yet…



    Oh my Toddie that gave me a real good laugh!!! 🙂


    The GaJone

    If you really only took 25 minutes for the whole exam, then 46 actually sounds like a pretty good score!



    I work with a guy who got a 37 on REG. He's currently taking a “break” from the exam…..



    Toddie00 – LOL!! Did you read any of the questions? To finish in 25 minutes I don't see how you could of. Well, I would say 46 is a darn good score for that.



    To go through 72 questions in 25 minutes (assuming sims were completely skipped), it comes to less than 21 seconds per question (including the navigation between questions and testlets). That may be enough to read the question, click an answer and move on.



    I did not read all the questions….. Very few actually. I was just clicking and mostly guessing B & C because A is a bad choice and usually always wrong.



    LOL! Did you even look at the simulations?



    Yeah, I did not understand them, so I passed….

    I remember having an M-1 and trying to do it (Jeff this was way back in Oct of 2006) so I am pretty sure I can talk about it 🙂

    And I wrote a smart a$$ remark in my writing part along the lines saying, I work at PwC and PwC has template manager that has pre-written documents for every situation so I will never have to use this if I stay at PwC…..



    It always is a good laugh…..

    But then a two years later I actually tried and passed the all 4 parts….

    Actually I was impressed with myself because I passed Reg with an 88 when I studied…..

    I actually ran out of time and did not get a chance to do my second simulation



    I had another situation happen a month (Nov 06) later with FAR. I did not study and planned on taking it anyway, except I stayed out until 2 am and got drunk and my exam was at 8 am. So I took the paid time off provided by PwC and slept all day…..

    Never took the exam

    Audit (May 07) was the same situation, HOWEVER, I actually got up to take it but took in the wrong NTS so went home and went back to bed……

    My first round of exams I did not care because PwC paid for them, when I started paying, I started caring 🙂



    I was looking through old posts and thought you guys might get a kick out of this one!



    haha funny.



    LOL, Toddie you have some great stories 🙂 my favorite: I was just clicking and mostly guessing B & C because A is a bad choice and usually always wrong



    CPA Someday

    I like the “only had $5 in my pocket and the parking garage was $5 an hour”. That was hilarious!!!!!



    This is freaking hilarious…”And I wrote a smart a$$ remark in my writing part along the lines saying, I work at PwC and PwC has template manager that has pre-written documents for every situation so I will never have to use this if I stay at PwC….. “

    I so wish I worked with Toddie00 – gotta be a million laughs a minute. I can imagine being his/her manager sitting beside him/her at the Prometric center during REG. LOL!! Sounds like Toddie00 missed his/her true calling – stand-up comedian.



    So funny , cant stop laughing !!!!!!



    Toddie00—that's funny! I needed a good laugh. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.



    Hall of fame bump for the 25 minute REG exam



    LOL! Where is Toddie??!!? HILARIOUS!!



    wow, that is incredible! so funny!!



    For those didn't do too well in your exam, don't stress…we've all been there. I've unearthed this old thread from 2010 for laughs and give you the motivation to keep going….I'd love to meet Toddie!



    Leave it to a bunch of accountants to audit his statement of 25 minutes and performing a recalculation, love it!



    definitely wish I had a Toddie on my team at my firm.

    Never did that on a CPA exam, but I did do something similar on my final exam for my governmental and non-profit accounting course back in my college days. Severely under-studied (see: didnt study) and walked in to the exam, thumbed through it and realize it literally knew NONE of it. Turned the exam over and wrote a note to the professor on the back page that I will see him next semester when he offers the course again. Got up 10 mins into a 4 hour exam and turned in the test in front of all my peers. It was a 4th year upper division course so by this time I knew all of my class mates pretty well. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they saw me turn it in. They started working a bit faster at that point, not realizing I hadn't completed a single pencil stroke of it.



    See my sig, it's been a fun ride. 46 is my low, and that was a minimal study shot in the dark effort as my NTS was running out.

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