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    Just curious – what are you good at?

    For me, I have found that people come to me to talk about their problems and get advice. Guess I'm a good listener, strong person, and don't put up with crap from anyone. I wanted to be a psychiatrist when I was younger.

    I also think that I am good at dancing, in particular, tap dancing. It's in the genes. My grandma used to teach line-dancing classes and my mom danced in college. I'm a dancin fool, lol.



    Funny that I have lots of friends that come to me with their issues…..and most of the time I don’t want to listen to their crap. I guess I am a good friend 😉

    I like to bake and cook, just when I want, not all the time. I am also good with planning event and with kids. I wanted to be a pediatrician, but got scared with the program and all the years of studying LOL



    @marivy22, lol about the years of studying. I hope that's not me. You seem to be doing well though!


    I took up Jiu-jitsu and Taikwondo a year ago. I beat the state Taikwondo champ Saturday.




    Nothing, and I'm not that good at accounting either;)

    After much self-analysis I have come to find that I am not incredibly good at anything in particular. If I was, I would probably be doing that instead of public accounting.


    Who cares if you're not world-class at what you enjoy doing simslayer…as long as you enjoy doing it.



    Jeff- Way to man up! That's awsome.



    i'm a good test taker….HA HA HA HA HA…. just kidding…



    I have a very creative side. I like to design things and I make soap from scratch. I plan to take up sewing after I pass this exam and make wedding gowns…DREAMS!


    I am a natural-born artist. I am very creative. I am very Right-Brained dominate. I was always at the top of the class as best artists in every year of school, including when I went to art school at Columbia College in Chicago. If I wasn't afraid of needles and blood, a tattoo artist would be the perfect career for me. They get paid between $150 and $300 dollars an hour. If you're a famous tattoo artist you can charge as much as $500 an hour.

    What's ironic is that I'm getting into a Left-Brain dominated career of accounting. That's why I think I struggle with the time limit on the exam b/c it takes me longer than Left-brained people who enjoy math and can process numbers logically and sequentially. When I see 3 different dates in a MCQ I start to get angry and confused. Right-brained people focus on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity. They are random, subjective, and look at the big picture instead of focusing on parts of the picture like Left-brainers. So I guess I'm at a natural disadvantage from the start when tackling the CPA exam. That's the price you pay when you're very good at creative stuff, you suffer on the opposite tasks of logical and math oriented work.



    @ Marivy I love cooking as well! I miss it so much! It seems when I do have time to, by the time I go to the store, prepare it and finally sit down I only have an hour or so to study before my mind gets too tired. I can't do that study until my eyes bleed thing, its more like re-read the words and never have them click because my mind is snoozing…

    Anyway, I also play soccer and have since I was 6. Before these exams I was playing on a rec team and I can not wait to go back! Running is also one of my favorite things, I do half-marathons about every year, but again, this exam is really killing my endurance.

    I am also just too social for my own good. I am always surrounded by good company and good times to be had. I love it, and can't wait until I can engage with my friends without guilt!

    In other news, I am asking for a coffee pot for my birthday! Long hours here I come!


    I'm good at:

    1-Playing Football (real football (soccer), not gay football)

    2-Annoying people

    3-Being an a-hole

    4-Making people laugh

    5-Pretending I'm working

    6-Mopping & sweeping



    I'm a chef! And I play piano–just for fun



    I am good at helping people with their problems (I also considered being a psychologist). I love to teach people how to do stuff! I'm looking into teaching a night class at a local technical school. I'm also good at managing emotional situations (I've had to do that a bit being on the board of directors for a roller derby league). I love to sing, although my voice isn't amazing or anything – good enough to be a small role in a local musical maybe, but that's about it. 🙂 II played the clarinet for about 10 years but haven't picked it up lately…

    I'm good at making people feel good about themselves. I rarely hold back a compliment. People don't hear enough good stuff about themselves, and I feel like almost any positive (and appropriate) thought that comes to my mind about someone should be shared. I feel the opposite about negative things.

    I love to snowboard, hike, run and mountain bike (I have a mountain bike that is worth around $2,000). I love group fitness classes, especially cardio kickboxing. I can't do any of that for a while since I injured my knee. But I will eventually!



    I was a semifinalist in the Washington Post Peeps diorama contest in 2009, with my “Peeps of Wrath” entry:


    This will be on the internet forever; not exactly how I wanted to become immortal . . .



    @diane – that is too funny!! You did a great job! I saw in the article that you're from Arlington. I used to live in Fairfax.



    I'm good at golf (5 handicap) and I have been playing guitar since I was 7.



    I am very artistic!! I like to sketch and draw. I have not done it in so long and that is one of the things that I want to start back doing once I am DONE with these Exams.



    I meant that I wanted to be a psychologist, not a psychiatrist (definitely not, lol). My grandma worked at a mental hospital and got punched in the face.



    @dianepage, that is awesome.



    LOL @cpaterminator, very similar to me minus the mopping and sweeping.

    I’m good at:

    1- Drawing cartoons (been working on my portfolio and story lines…but haven’t focused on it since I started this CPA thing—I have in mind something similar to Family Guy)

    2- Making people laugh

    3- Making fun of people

    4- Acting

    5- Spreadsheets



    I'm good at:

    1-Playing Guitar

    2-MW3 (come at me, bro!)

    3-Annoying my wife

    4-Making my daughter laugh

    5-Eating Honey BBQ Frito Flavor Twists

    6-Licking my fingers after eating aforementioned “Honey BBQ Frito Flavor Twists”



    @cmaxwell, you sound like my husband, lol. We too like annoying each other. It drives me nuts when he licks his fingers after eating chips. I like to make cheesy jokes around him too.



    Hey Jeff… I am also a karate enthusiast… I got to brown belt in my style; Ishin-ryu karate do. My father was my teacher, he is in the hall of fame. I had to quit because when I started modeling I was always bruised and of course money was a lot better. But my father is always asking to go back and finish my black belt.

    My other passions are (and I'm quite good at them)

    – cooking (already paid tuition to start as soon I finish the CPA exam)

    – photography (I love taking picture, I also want to take a course)

    – I modeled for a while (money was good, traveled the world) but I wanted my degree and profession you can never rely solely on modeling, even if you are a VS model… you never know!

    -last but not least; medicine, specifically plastic surgery (not for vain women/men but for some type of deformity at birth or accident). I am fascinated by it. My bachelor is in Biomedical Science… I was going straight to medicine… But I saw my parent so dissapointed and “frustrated” with their profession I backed up and decided accounting as the next best thing… I like it as well. But never thought that I was going to pursue it.



    This is a great thread. Gives us a chance at getting to know candidates at a somewhat personal level, that we are not just cpa candidates. What am I good at? Hmmmm…..gosh, I have to give this some thought.

    I. Counting my blessings.

    2. Cooking Asian dishes, especially Filipino food.

    3. Being Asian. What does this mean? Think stereotype.

    4. Driving myself nuts studying for this exam.

    5. Creativity

    6. Squeezing toothpaste out of an empty tube, getting every drop of liquid soap out of a container, recycling plastic spoons and forks, freezing leftovers and reusing it for other dishes, recycling…ok, this should explain part of the being Asian.

    I actually feel like Simslayer. Maybe it's just the moment.



    To add:

    I love to cook…I would have been a chef if accounting didn't work out.

    I love to do hair…I was thinking of getting my beauty school license after this exam.

    My mom has a small production company that I help manage. We shoot short films and pilot episodes. I am learning film editing…well, I was until I started failing these exams.



    @maverick…I love #3. At least you are good at it…lol! Love your siggy, too!



    I'm a pretty talented drummer, I've been drumming since I was 6, even have a band I play in for small gigs on some weekends called AKA. Thats pretty much the extent of my talent outside of accounting.




    I will wait for the another71.com convention in 20##…….specially the talent show night LOL I have no creativity/talents, but can be a judge 😉



    I'm good at BOTH:

    1) Wasting time

    2) Time management

    Really like bicycling and drawing.

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