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    Hello everyone! I graduated from college about a year ago and I took some time to study for FAR several months after graduation. I took the test right after I started a job which ended up not being an ideal job for a college graduate (I was the only accountant bookkeeper.) after that job, I took some short temporary gigs. After that I worked for almost two months at a property management company as an accounts payable specialist. It ended up not working out; the controller and assistant controller told me that I have a bright future ahead of me and I am smart and have a good personality. They said if I have more experience that i could take on that job. I think I may struggle with a combination of ASD and ADD because I struggle with organization, prioritizing tasks, and multitasking. I also think i struggle with sensory overload. My parents seem to think i should focus on getting my CPA tests passed while I can learn some strategies to help my symptoms. I am just afraid that it is going to take me a long time to pass these tests and that prospective employers are going to think that having a long gap from work is a red flag. Suggestions?



    My advice is get a job with a public accounting firm. They will teach you the skill sets you need to be a successful accountant and long term is almost a requirement for manager level and above positions. It will make passing AUD and FAR much easier and you will also get rewarded with a bonus for passing your exams which always helps for motivation. It will likely take about a year to pass the exams so that kind of lay-off is not ideal. Many people pass the exams working full time while managing a marriage and children, so you can manage working and passing the exams with no additional obligations. Good luck.

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    It is much more difficult to study for and pass the exam if you have a full time job so if I were in your shoes I would get the exams over with first since that is an option that is available to you. The employment gap is not that big of a deal since you will have spent the time studying for the exam.

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    I don’t think you’ll find that life will get easier so if you’re in a position to take the exams without having to work, it would seem like a good idea to me.
    I was diagnosed with ADD after I started studying for the exams, I started seeing a counselor/life coach who worked with adults like me struggling with focus and organization. I think it’s been helping.

    At the end of the day tho, follow your gut.

    Best of luck to you!

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