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    I passed the exam a few months ago and have since been admitted as a CPA. The rush of passing the exam is something that I will never forget and I hope many of you will feel or have felt that same feeling. Question now becomes – should I stay in Public Accounting or try something else?

    I have felt for the last few years that Public Accounting is BORING. I struggle day in and day out to trick myself into thinking it is interesting to help me get through the work. I thought conquering the CPA would help, but that was only temporary.

    Does anyone have suggestions or experience dealing with life post CPA exam? I am looking to maybe venture out into another field but am very unsure of what to do. Thanks for any insight!!



    Depending on your future career goals, I would say stay in public for at least 3 years, if not longer. Employers in industry look upon that experience very highly; coupled with the CPA designation, you have the potential to be a hot commodity, should you decide to transition into industry.



    PhilliesFan when you said you try to trick yourself into thinking its interestesting, i couldnt help but think think of Peter Gibbons ( i hope you have seen Office Space……everyone that works in an office can relate to this movie in one way or another)

    could you just sock me out so theres no way i know im at work? can i just come home and think ive been fishing all day?



    Many industry jobs require you to have your CPA. I agree with the above to stay in public accounting for at least 3 years, I'd suggest 5 and then look into different industries. Personally, I plan to end up at a hospital. The Director of Finance (or whatever title) for many hospitals around here are filled with CPAs who left public accounting. Also, depending where you live — oil & gas, manufacturing, schools. It's really an endless opportunity once you get your CPA. You are definitely Not stuck in public accounting by any means.



    What about if I am not currently in public accounting? I'm with the government and am definitely not staying once I pass my CPA. Would you recommend going into public for 3-5 years and then venturing out? Or should I try to avoid it and go straight into an industry?



    @bmsheppard87, personally, I would go into public accounting for a few years. Government is also good though because you do get great experience, but just from the interviews and career fairs I've been to and the way the people examine and ask questions about my resume, they really like that I have public accounting experience. Since I don't want to stay in public accounting forever and want to end up at a hospital, I wish I would of chose to be on the auditing side of the firm instead of tax. Most industries are more interested in the auditing, bookkeeping, financial statement analysis that audit provides than tax.

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