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    I have purchased MCQ for Regulations today of Ninja CPA review.

    Simulations presentation of question is very bad I can't solve different simulations in the same topic really this veryyy bad

    And you can only solve one simulation !!!!! how come

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    BEC - 79
    FAR - 84
    REG - 65


    I haven't used Ninja, but get used to the presentation of SIMs being awful. The ones on Roger are often very aggravating. And, on the CPA exam (not sure if you've taken any sections yet?) it can be even more aggravating – they design them in a way that is intentionally confusing, I think. Some SIMs will look better than others as far as organization and what blanks need to be filled in. But…the AICPA is not known for being particularly nice about anything or making this an easy/cost-effective process.

    AUD - 62
    BEC - 62
    FAR - 62
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    Still going!!

    FAR - 62 (Jan 2017).  Retake July 2018.

    AUD - 62 (Apr 2017)

    BEC - 62 (Aug 2017)

    REG - Sept-Dec 2018 (before new tax laws are tested!)



    I'm sorry for your frustration. As far as sims go, I don't think they're that bad. You can do one SIM at a time because they have to load and aren't meant for rapid-fire practice, although clicking out of one and moving to the next takes 20-30 seconds or less. If you would prefer a refund, please let me know.


    Sorry guys, I am considering buying ninja Mcq, does it mean it includes not only multiple choice questions but also simulation? If I'm sitting the exam in second Q 2017, should I buy it now or wait for the update?thanks.



    NINJA MCQ won't be changing for Q2 exams. BEC getting SIMS is the only real change from a study standpoint and I have another solution for that. The AICPA hasn't released BEC SIMS to the providers, so any floating around out there are custom-made by the review course.

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