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    Hello, I just graduated and I want to start studying for the CPA. What kind of books and test bank do you guys recommend for someone on a budget? Thanks!



    I live and die by Becker, but that's not very budget-friendly, so you could go with something else or wait until you get a job, because a lot of public acctg. employers will either pay the cost of your review course, split it with you, or at least pay for it up front and deduct it over X amount of paychecks.

    I only know what I've used, and Becker is fantastic. One friend of mine studied with Yaeger and said it was horribly boring, and I know she failed her first attempt at AUD (although we live on different sides of the country and she works full-time, I have no idea how much she actually studied).

    Just putting my two cents in, there will be plenty of advice from people on here. Good luck with your journey!



    I used Becker for AUD & BEC and liked it. But I hated Becker for REG…I just repurchased materials for REG & FAR and got Rogers for REG (he can make an incredibly boring section entertaining) and Yaeger because I've heard that they do a good job thoroughly explaining the concepts. The one thing about Becker that I hated was that the lectures were really long and all they would do was tell you to “underline this” or “highlight that”. There was no benefit at all from the lecture and it's like $1200 a section. I would recommend Rogers if you're on a budget.



    Exammatrix…..very affordable, and very good



    Back in 2010, I went through Becker's live course for REG. I wasn't a fan of the live course, and thought its only value was keeping you on a fast-pace. I never sat for a section then because of a life crisis; however, I do remember Becker being much less detailed for REG than my current review course (Yaeger).

    As for Yaeger, I have passed 3 sections on my first attempt. REG is my last section and I hope I pass it on the first attempt, as well. REG is tedious no matter who is teaching, but I have heard more than once that Rogers does a great job on REG.

    If, I were to go back and change what I did (which might be crazy considering my results thus far) I would use Yaeger for FAR and BEC for two words… Cindy. Simpson. She is amazing at those sections and I honestly think Yaeger would be even better if she taught REG too. Sorry Phil. For auditing, I didn't like Gary, initially, but once I got used to his style he really grew on me, and he wastes no time and is really efficient getting through material. The way he answers MCQs is so consistent that you will find yourself finishing his sentences and I could hear his voice in my head while I took the exam, “NO!” lol So far, REG is my least favorite of the Yaeger lectures, but it may be because BLaw is so mind-numbingly boring. I may lean toward Rogers for REG if I were doing it over. Hope this helps some.



    Bang for your buck, you can't beat the Wiley books. I bought the full set for ~$140 and I haven't used anything else. Even with retaking AUD, I'm on pace to finish my CPA exam for under $1500. But then there's the ethics exam and licensure fees…

    However, I should warn you that you must be highly self motivated to study using only the books.


    CPA novice

    I am using CPAExcel's on-line course with their book as a supplement.

    On-line, they offer:

    Bite-sized video lessons (anywhere from 4 to 25 minutes each)

    Study text which summarizes the book


    Proficiency questions

    Exam questions


    If you like computer based courses (as opposed to live or book format), then you will enjoy CPAExcel. I bought FAR for under $450….taking the exam in April.



    I think Roger is the way to go, he's affordable, his lectures are very good, his text book is well written. But the best part is you get the Wiley CPA Book & Test Bank with his course. If you supplement your Roger course with some of the Ninja Audio/Notes from this website i think you have all the tools needed to pass at a price that is somewhat affordable when compared to other courses like Becker

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