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    So, I guess I'm old school but I used to love the Wiley books…which had the questions and answers/explanations in a physical book. I don't know what the mental block is that I have with these online test banks, but I just do so much better studying when I can open the book and sit there and work through problems.

    I looked on Wiley, which of course is now “efficientlearning” and maybe I'm not looking in the right area? I couldn't seem to find just the book with questions/answers.

    Anyone else have the mental block with the online test banks? Also, anyone know if Wiley sells just the MCQ book with the answers? If not, would you recommend a substitute that is laid out a manner like Wiley was?

    Thanks for any guidance / feedback on that.

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    I think I understand what you are talking about. While it may not be the same, but I have a hard time reading their lessons online. I need a physical book to read. As a Wiley user, I am not completely sure if they do sell a MCQ book. I would definitely suggest reaching out to them.



    There are books of questions you can buy on Amazon and probably other bookstores. I used the “500 Questions” series back when I first took FAR in 2014 and found it pretty good. However, it's probably a good idea to work through at least a decent amount of questions on the computer, as that's how you will see them on exam day.

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    I have purchased the books per topic, the mcq's are in the back with the answers. You can get them on amazon.

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    Thank you all for your responses. Appreciate the feedback. For me, I think it's easier to study through working MCQs if I can see them laid out versus a random pull – even a random pull within a section. With the book, if I'm struggling with Partnerships – Bonus method, I can at least look at the book and work several of those in a row to get better. Some would probably say the randomness is better since that's how the test will be. But, I just feel for studying the material, being able to focus on a particular area/item works better for me.

    I do have a 2016 Wiley FAR book. I can use most of that except for the areas which have changed. Leases, Revenue Recognition, Investments, etc. But, Govt., NFP, Bonds, Consolidations, Cashflow, etc. should still be good.

    I will follow-up with Wiley and see what, if anything, they have available – sound advice.

    Thanks again 🙂

    My teenage son to me "If you don't pass, it isn't like you'll die or anything."  True.  Very true.  Just do your best, it's all you can do.


    It's a good way to start with the Wiley per chapter section in the bank, I did not find the book's sim questions to be very useful. I go over every chapter on paper and then work through the questions online.

    For FAR, I don't think it had changed much. You can probably still live with it without worrying about the changes.

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    Thanks for the input, JFKGY. Kind of what I thought too and was kind of how I was planning to attack it.

    My teenage son to me "If you don't pass, it isn't like you'll die or anything."  True.  Very true.  Just do your best, it's all you can do.
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