Thinking about leaving, but am having second thoughts

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    Hi all! I have worked for a top 20 public accounting firm for about 3.5 years now. They have a program where you get experience in all areas of the firm (ie. tax and audit). My first busy season was spent doing taxes and it went really well. After that point I got stuck doing a ton of tax and a ton of audit and every subsequent busy season has been bad. I transferred to a different office to be solely focused in audit in October of 2018 thinking all my problems would be solved, but I'm bored, so I started looking to leave. I now have an offer for a $15k raise and I am thinking about turning it down and going back to tax. I am afraid to leave and afraid to get pigeon holed in public accounting.

    The issue comes in where I really like the flexibility my firm offers as well as the ability to use a ton of PTO in the summer since I'm a big lake/boating guy. What do you think?

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