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    Can anyone give me a general idea on how much time I should leave for the simulations on the exam?



    4:00 – 3:15: Teslet 1

    3:15 – 2:30: Teslet 2

    2:30 – 1:45: Teslet 3

    1:45 – 0: Teslet 4


    I agree with CashMoney10. The SIMS include 7 individual testlets so don't cut yourself short on time. Approx 1.5 minutes for each M/C should be sufficient so be conscious of the amount of time you are spending.



    I keep reading that- but I've also been told that the actual test simulations resemble those on Wiley. I've been doing the Wiley sims in max 5 minutes each. I don't want to cut myself short on MCQs since I tend to be slower with those.



    @ Sandra, have you used any software for the TBS? I found that using the computer took me longer than in Wiley homework book? I am using Rogers CPA Review and he suggest the same as CashMoney10 from above:

    4:00 – 3:15: Testlet 1 (MC)

    3:15 – 2:30: Testlet 2 (MC)

    2:30 – 1:45: Testlet 3 (MC)

    1:45 – 0: Testlet 4 (TBS)

    I am currently studying for FAR which is also a 4 hour test. I passed AUD using that timeline as a guide, but found I didn't need the entire 45 minutes for the MC testlets, therefore I had extra time to complete the TBS. But each person is different, and you may not need that time for the TBS.

    I don't know what review system you are using but the software that comes with Roger CPA review includes a full length test, including TBS. I think that would be the best way for you to determine timing for each testlet. Take a full length computerized sample test to maximize your timing per testlet.

    Don't forget those 7 questions on the TBS are worth 40%.



    “Don't forget those 7 questions on the TBS are worth 40%. “

    This is SO important. Many people disregard the weight of the TBS's so they can get a few more minutes for 1 or 2 MCQ's. I passed FAR by randomly clicking ~10 answers on the MCQ's because I wanted to adhere to my time schedule. This allowed me enough time to obliterate the sims for a passing score. Or maybe I just got lucky at guessing 😀

    I'm also using Roger CPA Review.



    Good to know. I've been using the Wiley software for the TBS and its not that they are easy, its just that they don't seem to take much time. I will adhere to the recommended schedule, but I know I'm a little slow on MCQs. My fear is that I'm going to rush through those, missing a bunch of questions I could otherwise tackle and end up with time left at the end.



    I don't know what the Wiley SIMS are like, but I took both 4 hour exams from Becker, thought the SIMS were quite manageable, and finished both times with almost an hour left over. At the real exam, I had 1:30 left to do the SIMS and felt they were generally more challenging than what I had seen in Becker – basically longer problems. The last one I worked on was more complicated than I had time for, so I just filled in blanks as best I could. Of course, every test is different, but I would definitely do whatever you could to save the time. Don't let yourself get bogged down on any one MCQ for too long – if you don't get an answer rather quickly, pick something and flag it. You can always come back to it at the end of the testlet if you think you have some time. But if you don't, at least you have it answered.

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