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    I took FAR last Saturday and I'm confused. The first testlet seemed way too easy. I moved on to the second and third and I was overwhelmed by the increase in difficulty. I started losing thought and started to focus on how much time I had left. By the end of the third testlet, I had a hour to complete two simulations + written communications. I wrote my two WC as fast as I can and kind of guessed on the Sims. I remember the Auditing Sims being very difficult and walked out feeling very discouraged, but passed with a 78. Instead of putting time into the first simulation, I just worried about getting everything done. Is it better to guess or just finish what you can with an effort? My WC were very short (One paragraph but to point) and my simulations answers just covered the basics without checking the mathematical accuracy. I'm very worried, but feel like I have a chance. Did anybody experience this? Now I'm torn between buying a new section of study material or just waiting to find out if I passed.

    I don't know why they give you 4.5 hours for Auditing and only 4 for FAR. I'm glad AICPA is changing this next year. I took my time for Auditing and passed, but that is not an option for FAR. Now, I wish I could do it all over again. I put too much time studying in the more overcomplicated areas that were barely touched in the exam.



    definitely wait until your scores, mate. the fact testlet 1 was easy and testlet 2 was hard means you did very well. the fact that testlet 3 was STILL very hard means you did well in testlet 2. the M/C is 70% of your grade, the writing portion (which you said you focused on) is another 10%.

    assuming you got SOME stuff on the simulations right, sounds like you have a very decent chance of hitting at least a 75.

    the last window is over, so there is absolutely no reason to purchase studying materials now before finding out your grade.



    Vern I had a very similar experience as you. Because I'm usually hard on myself I feel like I probably failed. I'm sure the majority of people who walk out of these exams feel like they probably failed. I felt horrible after leaving my REG exam and passed. So you just never know. I'm crossing my fingers on FAR (expecially since its my last exam). I would definitely wait until you get your score before purchasing more study materials. Like the previous poster said there is probably a pretty good chance you passed. Try not to fret over it too much. Enjoy your holidays.

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