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    I'm taking FAR at the end of August, and I'm planning on getting my notice to schedule for BEC, AUD, and REG now. That means all three expire by the middle of February (6 months from now). Let's say by the beginning of February I don't feel ready to take the final exam — is that a problem? Can't I just reapply (even though I'd have to pay the fees again)? Or does it make more sense to only sign up for 2 sections, and that way I'd have plenty of time for the third. Thanks for any thoughts.



    I think the NTS is good for 9 months, not 6…



    In my state, it's 6 months.

    If a NTS expires, it expires. Of course you can reapply and pay more money. If you don't think you can do three, apply for two.



    You have to check your state rules to be sure about how long an NTS is good for. In TX it's only 3 months.



    Every state is different on how long the NTS is good for. I would apply for the ones you're planning on sitting for soon, then go from there. Once your NTS expires you lose that money you paid in for it and have to reapply and repay.

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