Long Week / Short Weekend

21 Jun 2011

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Still Studying for Audit. Nothing new here! This week was fairly productive.

I made it through AUD-2 videos, but I am still struggling with my speed on MCQs and I’m not through all of the AUD-2 MCQs. I feel kind of like fellow blogger Rebecca. The lectures go well, the reading is fine, and then some MCQs aren’t covered in either and I feel panicked. I know the drill by now though, some of those questions won’t be covered and others will be heavily tested. That’s how this darn test goes!

Anyway, I’ll finish those MCQs today! The weekend was unproductive, study wise, because Saturday I went to a bridal shower and then got a migraine and Sunday my boyfriend surprised my with Disneyland tickets. The weekend was fun (besides the migraine) but now I have to make-up for that fun with long study hours.

Coming up this week I’m leaving for vacation Thursday-Sunday. I will hopefully have a little study time since we are staying at a lake house and will have downtime at night. I just hope I can find a reliable internet connection and that I can resist the temptation of vegging with the family instead of buckling down.

My test is July 11th so the days are starting to close in on me.

Study Hard!


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File back taxes 13 years ago

Good luck on the exam. I passed it 17 years ago, but I don't think I could pass it again.