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18 Jul 2010

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By Laura

What is your work/educational background?
I graduated from college in 1995 with a BBA in Accounting. I sat for the CPA exam twice after college, which was before we had the option of taking one section at a time.

I have worked in industry for 15 years, including small to medium size companies in various accounting roles.

Currently I work for a small family-owned company in Atlanta, GA.

How many CPA Exam sections have you passed?

I haven't passed any yet, but stay tuned! I am hoping to have one passed after the July/August testing window.

What CPA Review course(s) are you using?
I am currently utilizing Wiley books for self study. I hope to invest in a review course in the next couple of months. Money is tight right now and my company is not helping financially with the exam.

In general, how is everything going?
There are good days and bad days. My choice of self-study is one that I continue to question. I am currently studying for BEC and hope that self-study is enough for this section.

I have been very diligent thus far in making sure that I study in some form every day, even if it's just working questions.

What is the most frustrating aspect of the CPA Exam?
All of it! But more specifically the amount of material, even for just one section, it's a LOT! I am still not sure how I managed to sit for all 4 sections in a two day period.

That was harrowing to say the least! It's frustrating to me that despite having to absorb mass amounts of information, you may never see it on the test or even run across it in your professional career.

How do you balance family/friends while studying?
Well, I'm currently single, so I don't have to worry too much about balancing family. I have had to explain to my friends that I may drop out of the social scene for a while.

Sacrifices have to be made, but it's temporary! Sadly, I also had to give up a bit of sleep, so still working on balance there!

What made you decide to take the CPA Exam?
It's long overdue and time that I tame this beast. It's been hanging over my head for years. Enough already! I also feel that I will never get further in my accounting career without it.

I changed jobs two years ago because there was no room for growth at my former company. I made a lateral move because of the economy and a promise for more growth and opportunity at the new job.

The growth has not happened and I feel stuck because I think at this point if I tried to leave, it would only be to make another lateral move, which I'm just not willing to do. I feel the only way to advance in my accounting career is with a CPA license.

Plus, who doesn't want those 3 little letters behind their signature?

What advice would you give to people who are struggling with the CPA Exam?

First, I totally understand! It is a struggle, but I know that the pay off will be totally worth it. Second, hang in there and don't give up! You too can be a CPA!

Anything else you would like to share?

I admit I was skeptical before joining Club 75. Times are tough and I didn't know if I could justify my membership. Little did I know!

The downloads, posts and support have been great! I have started downloading everything that I can and keeping it in a separate folder on my computer for easy reference. I have been emailing with other members for support and sharing.

Jeff really has a great idea with this website! And I can't wait to tell everyone that I've passed the exam with help from this Club! Thanks so much!

Laura has been a Club 75 Member since May 2010.

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murphyqu03 14 years ago

I think that the most important thing while studying for the CPA exam is finding what works best for YOU. All people are different, with different learning methods, abilities, times to study, etc. It's important to keep a good attitude, try to stay happy! and keep at it! Good Luck! We'll be looking forward to hearing how everything goes!