CPA Reviewed #33 – Accounting Job with a Low GPA?

13 Nov 2012

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Episode 33 Questions:

James – I have 18 months to retake and pass FAR, REG, and AUD. Do you recommend focusing on one section at a time until I can pass that section or rotate through sections so I don’t get burned out? Which section should I focus on first?

Sara – My last score report for BEC showed I was only weak in the written communication portion of the exam. How do I improve in this area?

Rose – Where do I find the motivation to work, study, and take care of my family while my spouse works? It has been a rough 2.5 years, and I’m exhausted. Do you have any advice?

Jenny – Is if there is any real advantage to being licensed in the state in which one lives as long as it is not a job requirement? I’m a candidate in Indiana and recently moved to Iowa. I don’t want to pay the fees to transfer my license or take the ethics exam. I don’t think my employer will mind that I’m not licensed in the state. Is there anything that would make me want to pay the extra money to be licensed in Iowa?

Hassan – I am studying for AUD, and my exam is coming up this month. I will not receive my video review materials until the mid of the month. Is there any way I can study and pass the exam the first time?

Yim – I'm taking the exam in 2013 and interested in the NINJA Notes to study along with my 2010 review course material; however, I think there were lots of updates and changes since then. Do you think it is worth my money to purchase 2013 material from my review course?

Elizabeth – The tragedy of the hurricane aside, the extension of the testing window presents me with a dilemma. Currently I am scheduled for November 29th. Should I take advantage of the extension and push my test back over another weekend or just buck up assume I am not going to increase my score by studying one more week and keep my exam on the 29th of November?

Zubin – I graduated a year ago with a BS in accounting and have been working for a small startup for the past year. My career goal is to work for a CPA firm (big 4,regional, or local small firms). Do you think I should continue my work and pass the cpa exam and apply to firms after completion of all parts? Or should I go back to school for a Masters in Accounting and get another shot in the recruiting process?

Ricky – I recently graduated and I have been having trouble finding a job due to what most accounting firms consider a low GPA. I would imagine it would be easier if I had some experience but it is hard to get experience when I cannot get a job in first place. Do you have any tips for those of us who do not have spectacular GPAs?