Reminder: New Research Format

26 Jun 2008

CPA Exam Changes

Remember: starting in the July/August 2008 window, there is a new format for completing the research tab of the simulations.

Be sure to practice doing it at least once so that you're reasonably proficient with the new format prior to entering the testing room. Failing to do so could cost you precious minutes as your exam clock winds down.

Link: Tutorial from the AICPA

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Ankur K 15 years ago

Is it ok to use the research function during the exam to search for some material that might help you write your communication response. Ofcourse, I do not intend to copy and paste.... just pick on their brains a little.....

Jeff - 15 years ago

It's ok to do that - but I don't recommend it unless you have over an HOUR for each sim. Time is precious once you get to the sims...

Anonymous 15 years ago

I used it on the AUD. Of course, it seems you have so much more time on that exam