CPA Tutors: Which One Is For You?

Being as well-prepared for the CPA exam improves test-taking skills. It involves a number of factors that, when done correctly, can lead to a passing score on your first attempt. The marketplace includes a diverse selection of CPA Tutors available to enhance your preparation process. Narrow down the selection process by utilizing the below-mentioned techniques.

Know Yourself

Each individual has his or her own way of learning. Some learn best by reading a hard copy textbook. Others learn by turning on an electrical device and reading PDF documents. Still others learn through a combination of audio and visual tools. Take some time to think about which learning method provides optimum results for you and you alone. Find a CPA tutor that offers these educational tools.

Budget Matters

CPA tutors come in all price ranges. While developing a plan to find the one that meets your needs, be sure to know your financial situation. What can you comfortably afford to pay without sacrificing any of your daily living requirements? Know that the price of a tutor does not necessarily guarantee high quality. You may be surprised to learn how cost-effective online review courses truly are in comparison to other tutorial offerings.

Trust Your Intuition

You have a second sense for a reason. It gently guides you in a protective and helpful manner. If you start receiving red flags, or warning signals, about the legitimacy or competency of a potential tutor, listen carefully. If there is something that just does not settle correctly, simply find another potential tutor. Stop making excuses. Following your intuition will save you an invaluable amount of money, time, and frustration.

Check With the State Board of Accountancy

Only hire a professional who has passed the entire CPA exam. Passing one section is difficult enough, but you need to find someone who knows what it takes to pass the entire arduous examination. Check with your local State Board of Accountancy. Do an online search for your potential tutor's name. If you do not see it, simply contact the Board's administrative or licensing office to gather more insight.

Schedule A Consultation

Any competent CPA professional will offer a free consultation as a get-acquainted measure. Take advantage of this. Prepare a list of questions. Ask these questions and gauge the response received. Does the person make sense to you? Have your questions been directly answered? Did the materials presented and discussed appear professional and legitimate? How did the individual's marketing collateral come across? During this consultation, notice how you feel throughout the meeting. Are your questions answered in a respectful, knowledgeable, and professional manner. Does the person seem genuinely concerned about making certain you understand the information? A competent tutor works alongside you, not as your superior.

Test Their Customer Service Level

A professional, reputable tutor will have a website. Visit their website and find a way to contact the individual. Pick up the phone and call, send an email, post a forum question, or engage in a virtual chat. Whatever you do, be sure to test the competence and response rate involved. Avoid those who never answer or respond in a manner that seems unprofessional.

Ask For Client Referrals

Being able to talk freely with previous clients can be a determining factor. Ask for a list. If you are unable to personally contact people, go to online review sites and read testimonials. Qualified CPA tutors take pride in professionally and thoroughly preparing candidates for the CPA exam. Do your part in choosing the ideal one for you and watch those passing rates improve.