I Passed the REG Exam! Here’s What I Did

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I Passed REG!

After 8 weeks of studying I finally received my REG score of 85! I am very happy because 85% is the EXACT trending score I had on the NINJA MCQ.

Here are a few pointers that I learned from passing both BEC and REG:

Stick with a study plan. I tried to study an hour at lunch and two hours at night before bed.

Some days I would get in a full three hours, most days only two and some nights only one. Just keep studying and try your best to get as much done as you can.

Notes, notes, notes. I filled an entire black and white composition notebook with MCQ notes. Then I rewrote those notes and filled a second notebook. I attribute this method to the majority of my success so far.

Get the [A71 product=”audio”]NINJA Audio[/A71]. Listen in the car; listen while doing chores, listen while working out. This audio was my key to passing this exam. It's really helpful for identifying important topics and easily explains topics tough to comprehend while reading.

Practice some simulations for Regulation. I often found many questions confusing and working through a few problems will help you to understand the format of the simulations.

Do not skip any sections. I understand that AMT can be painful and daunting however the exam covers all areas. You do not want to lose out on any possible points by not studying a topic.

I need to get my NTS for AUD and FAR this week. I hope to take AUD by mid to late May. Good luck NINJAs!

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