NINJA CPA MCQs: Preparing Candidates For Success

One of the reasons the CPA Examination is so difficult to pass rests in the fact it contains very difficult multiple choice questions. These questions make up the majority of points during the scoring process. With so many preparation programs available, one of the most successful and popular sources available is the NINJA CPA MCQs. Read below to receive insight as to why this is the chosen source for many candidates.

Only AICPA-Licensed Questions

To optimize your CPA study time, you must focus on realistic and actual questions. NINJA CPA MCQs contains only AICPA-licensed questions from previous examinations. This helps you learn what to expect when the actual exam time comes around. There is a special skill to understanding what is actually being asked. The questions have a reputation for taking generic accounting data and turning it into a CPA exam application.

Contains Adaptive Learning Technology

NINJA software customizes the examination process for all candidates. It does this by utilizing the adaptive learning technology. This technology has the capability of allowing candidates to focus on applicable, popular topics. It has the ability to figure out what you know and make adjustments that enhance studying.

This highly specialized technology lets candidates concentrate on improving weaknesses. It provides instantaneous results that allow candidates the opportunity to see where additional studying is needed. In short, it makes the learning experience one of the most efficient, time-saving, and beneficial experiences possible.

Utilizes Repetitive Learning

Instead of going from one question to another, and gaining a generalized knowledge level, NINJA software keeps bringing up weak points. It succeeds by utilizing repetitive learning techniques. You will keep seeing the same topic over and over again until you start ingraining the data into your mind. Some may find this boring, but no one ever said passing the exam was easy.

It Is Very Affordable

CPA candidates learn soon how expenses keep rising for this most difficult of professional examinations. CPA review materials and exam costs can add up to the thousands of dollars. NINJA provides a very budget-friendly alternative.

Contains Additional Question Data

Not only does the NINJA MCQs provide you with AICPA-licensed questions, it also gives you a full text description along with the applicable reference citation. It is always beneficial to read and understand citations. Add this to keywords, and you have a wealth of information to kick butt on the exam.

Contains Fully Customized Study Sections

Long gone are the days of studying tons of questions that may or may not apply to the upcoming examination. NINJA software keeps track of your success or failure on each section. When doing this, it customizes questions that show up in your simulated testing environment. You will benefit.

Includes Exam Simulations

You can study all you want, but if you do not test your knowledge using real-life exam information (known as simulations), you are wasting your time. NINJA contains 257 simulations. Simulations involve two essential areas: the exam communication and probe question. Authoritative literature is included with all simulations.

Has A Glossary of CPA Exam Relevant Terms

How many times do you think of something, but forget the professional term? Having this thorough glossary available will make life easier. All you have to do is click on the alphabet letter and a list of terms is displayed. Choose the appropriate one for concise and efficient learning.

CPA candidates must effectively and efficiently utilize available resources to properly prepare for this complex examination. Differentiate yourself to the top of the pack by placing trust in the NINJA CPA MCQs. Your personal and professional development will thank you.