Study Weapon: NINJA Notes


Skim it. Read it. Study it. Re-write it. Read it some more.

NINJA Notes are 1 of the 8 NINJA Study Weapons and are the most-used CPA study supplement on the planet.

The NINJA Notes boil down key CPA Exam concepts to manageable sizes that are easily consumed, and most importantly, remembered on Exam Day.

NINJA Notes is our flagship product. It's what brought NINJA CPA Review to the dance and made us the #1 CPA study supplement.

Short and sweet, but packing a major punch, if it’s in the NINJA Notes, it is guaranteed to show up on exam day.

Hundreds of thousands of CPA candidates have trusted the NINJA Notes over the last decade (and then some). We wish you the same success.

Read NINJA Notes as many times as possible leading up to your exam.

They're easy to get through and easy to digest. When the going gets tough on exam day, you'll be grateful you read (and re-read) the NINJA Notes.

AUD: 82 pages (view demo)
BEC: 86 pages (
view demo)
FAR: 122 pages (
view demo)
REG: 122 pages
(view demo)

Note: size is approximate and may change due to edits/updates

How to Study with NINJA Notes

Let the NINJA Notes go to battle for you. You should read them as many times as possible. 

Carry it with you wherever you go.

(Ahem – and we mean wherever you go – you're on your phone anyway (gross!) … spend that time studying).

Simply load the PDF onto your mobile device, and if you have 5 minutes of downtime, you have 5 minutes of study time.

It is recommended that you read the NINJA Notes at least five times leading up to your final two weeks of exam prep.

If you have 6 weeks to study, then you need to complete this in 4 weeks. 5 weeks to study, then complete it in 3. 4 weeks = 2 weeks. You get the picture.

The point is: plan, plan, plan and budget, budget, budget, budget because exam day is looming. 

The following example uses the FAR NINJA Notes (click for demo):

6-Week PlanApprox. 122 pages x 5 reads
/ 4 weeks / 7 days per week = Approx. 22 pages per day
5-Week PlanApprox. 122 pages x 5 reads
/ 3 weeks / 7 days per week = Approx. 29 pages per day
4-Week PlanApprox. 122 pages x 5 reads
/ 2 weeks / 7 days per week = Approx. 44 pages per day
3-Week PlanApprox. 122 pages x 5 reads
/ 1 week / 7 days per week = Approx. 87 pages per day

Re-Writing the NINJA Notes

This step is optional, but it won over a lot of skeptics with its results. This is not mainstream advice (which is given by people who haven't studied for the CPA Exam in 40 years and didn't take the computerized exam).

This is the NINJA way.

The mainstream way of studying for the CPA Exam is old-fashioned and outdated.

Forget the old way. You are a NINJA now.

Now is the time to either:

  1. Rewrite your own CPA Exam notes or
  2. Rewrite the NINJA Notes.

Plan on investing a week doing this, and you should expect to get through at least 20 pages a day to stay on track.

Final Review: NINJA Notes

When you're one week from exam day, try reading through your NINJA Notes 2-3 times a day.

Read/scan them when you wake up, at lunch, and before you go to sleep.

Let your those Inventory Accounting concepts marinate in your brain as you sleep.

NINJA Notes on Exam Day

Before you roll out for Prometric, you need three things:

  1. ID
  2. NTS
  3. NINJA Notes

When you hit the Prometric parking lot, read your NINJA Notes one last time.

Cram it all in, so you can walk into that exam center and barf it all out.

Short on time? Go right to your weak topic (you know what it is) and cram.

You're ready. Time to Pass (and get your LIFE back).

Or … at least be one step close to getting your life back.


What is the NINJA Study Framework?

The NINJA CPA Review Study Framework (with associated NINJA Weapons)

Nail the Concepts (NINJA Book / NINJA Sparring)

Intense Notes (NINJA Book / NINJA Sparring)


Just Re-Write Your Notes (NINJA Notes)

All Comes Together in a Final Review (NINJA Notes / NINJA MCQ / NINJA BLITZ / NINJA Sparring)

When should I read the NINJA Notes? Before or after the NINJA Book?

Before, during, and after.

How many times do I need to read the NINJA Notes?

If you read it twice a week over 6 weeks, and then twice a day the week before your exam, that's around 25 times over the course of a 7-week study plan.

You'll be sick of them by the time your exam day comes around – and you'll be ready.

Do I need to read the NINJA Notes if I listen to the Audio?

Yes. The NINJA Notes and Audio go together, but they aren't the same. The Notes have a lot more detail that would be frustrating to listen to in an audio.

Different study weapons for different study purposes. Use both.

Are the NINJA Notes and NINJA Audio the same content?

Same basic outline, but they are different. The NINJA Audio expands on topics that the NINJA Notes do not. The Notes go into more detail than the Audio.

Can I buy just the NINJA Notes?

Yes. Subscribe to NINJA Monthly for $67 and then cancel if you'd like. It costs the same as when the NINJA Notes were sold standalone, but you get the Notes ($67), Audio ($97), Book ($97), MCQ ($47), BLITZ Videos ($97), and Sparring (live tutoring) for the price of the NINJA Notes by itself ($67).

Subscribe, Download, and Cancel – it's the same math as when the NINJA Notes were a standalone product, but you get everything that used to be in our $400 package.

Is it really necessary to rewrite my notes? Could I rewrite the NINJA Notes instead?

If you don't want to re-write your own notes, that's fine. Plenty of people re-write the NINJA Notes instead.

How much of what's in the NINJA Notes is actually on the exam?

Not to overstate it, but everything. If it's in the NINJA Notes, it will be on the CPA Exam.

Do you have a Demo of the NINJA Notes?

Why, yes we do 🙂

(PDF – click to open & download)

AUD (Audit Sampling)

BEC (Information Technology)

FAR (Governmental Accounting)

REG (Individual Taxation)


“Thank you Jeff!! It definitely would've not happened without your MCQs… Thank you!! NINJA MCQ – A must! Solving through all of the MCQ, understanding solutions, and adding new information nuggets to your notes — absolutely critical.

With the NINJA Notes, I printed out the notes and used them as a knowledge check closer to the exam. Information is high-level, so you can quickly run through and get a comfort level on what you should go back to review in detail.

NINJA Audio is nice to use during the commute or if you are an auditory learner. The Audio MCQ is nice to keep you engaged.”

– Olga Timirgalieva, Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

“After taking three exams I was in reach of the EWS award. I knew that I needed a high score on my last exam to get it, so I decided to use NINJA MCQ and practice tests to supplement my Becker materials.

The questions and practice tests were extremely useful, they helped me find some weak spots I didn’t even know I had and gave me the extra practice I needed to get my best score of any of the exams.”

I thought it was set up really well and had a different approach which definitely helped.”

– Brian Wright, Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner (Becker + NINJA)

Have a Question about the NINJA Notes? Just Ask.

Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)

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