NINJA Notes Packaged with NINJA Battle Plans

NINJA Notes are the highly popular original offering from Another71’s Jeff Elliott. These notes are straightforward in explaining difficult concepts. They are well-organized and concisely sum up the most important information on the CPA Exam. NINJA notes serve as a perfect last-minute review right before a test.

This tool grew out of Elliott’s own experience as a CPA candidate with a growing family, demanding career and limited time to prepare for the exam. He realized that time is a precious commodity for many busy students just as it was for him.

His NINJA approach suggests candidates “nail the concepts” with review material that explains accounting fundamentals. Take intensive notes while reviewing concepts forgotten or misunderstood. Elliott recommends reviewing the NINJA notes five times before the CPA exam. He also suggests copying them out as another way to learn the material. Then move on to non-stop multiple-choice question practice.

NINJA notes are great with an CPA review course, and they’re designed for repeat reading. They can be downloaded instantly as a PDF file for iPhone or iPad, and they are available in hard copy. Free updates are available until you pass.

Notes Are Now Packaged with NINJA Battle Plans

The NINJA Notes are no longer available as a separate NINJA product. This $67 value is now packaged with each of the three NINJA Battle Plans designed by CPA review candidates. The notes take the form of a 92-page PDF for AUD, a 95-page PDF for BEC, 121-page PDF for FAR and 126-page PDF for REG.

The NINJA Scout is the smallest Battle Plan with three Study Weapons. It’s designed for the CPA candidate who just needs a little extra edge.

The most popular plan is NINJA Sniper with the six most popular NINJA Study Weapons and double the MCQ Access of the Scout package.

The NINJA Assault is the ultimate NINJA package and calls in the big guns. Formerly known as the Ten Point Combo, NINJA Assault includes all the Study Weapons.

The NINJA notes win consistently positive reviews from CPA candidates.

“Your Products are saving my life.” – Rebecca L.

“For my 3rd attempt at the AUD section, I used the NINJA Notes and flashcards to supplement the Becker MCQ… and BAM! My score jumped 14 points to a passing score of 79 with just 1 month of studying. Jeff, these notes and flashcards are fantastic…” -SJ

“I think they're great for all sections. I reviewed the notes in tandem with CPAExcel to relate the notes and the subject material. Ignored CPAExcel and reviewed the notes 5 times through during the last 2 weeks while doing NINJA MCQ for all my sections. That was my winning formula.” – Confirmed Customer

“I have found the NINJA guides extremely helpful! The information is very condensed and focuses on the main points. It is a great supplement to any study course and is nice to have on hand during any down-time for quick review. I would recommend these to everyone!” – Alejandra E.