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How to Pass the CPA Exam using only NINJA

How to Pass the CPA Exam using only NINJA CPA Review

Hey, everyone. Jeff Elliott here with another71.com. In this video, I am going to walk you through how to pass the CPA Exam with only NINJA CPA Review Materials. What prompted me to make this video was I got an email from Chris.

He says, “I've been a member of your online forum for quite a while and was excited to see you had started to offer your own review course. I sent you a tweet earlier about instructions on how to use the materials.

One of my major issues with using, my current course, was I was sent a bundle of material but with no plan of attack on how to effectively use the materials. Needless to say, it wasn't a rewarding experience. This evening, I plan to buy your complete package. I'm hoping that I can get some clear direction on how I should spend my time with the material.” Again, that's from Chris.

Now, I tell people all the time that, yes, you can pass using only NINJA, but I've really never walked people through how exactly to do that. I'm going to attempt to do so. NINJA has grown from just being notes and audio to now providing a complete book. We have our own Battle Pack that include MCQ, Audio, Notes, Blitz, Flashcards (depending on which one you choose). NINJA itself has grown into quite a few study weapons, and so people don't know how to study with it. Let's break that down.

Going back to the old school NINJA Framework, the framework that started it all. The NINJA Framework used to be nail the videos, but I have since changed that to nail the concepts because you don't need a video course to pass the CPA Exam. You just need to understand the concepts.

The N in NINJA is to Nail the Concepts.

What this means is that you need to go through your core materials first. If you have NINJA Monthly, you need to read the NINJA Book cover to cover. The four NINJA Books are approximately 500 pages each.

What's special about NINJA Book is that a lot of review companies, they make a hybrid of a CPA review book, plus an accounting textbook, plus an accounting/tax manual. That's not what you need, which is why people pay a lot of money for an instructor to open up that book and then explain what in the world is in the book.

What NINJA Book does is it gets rid of all the excess. If it's in NINJA Book, you need to know because every concept in NINJA Book has a direct CPA Exam application. Instead of opening your CPA review book and an instructor standing in front of the video telling you what's in the book, instead, I just made a better book.

The NINJA Book replaces your video course.

You nail the concepts with the NINJA Book, which means that you have to read it. As far as accounting books go, it's pretty good. It's not a Vince Flynn novel or anything, but it gets the job done.

You read the NINJA Book cover to cover. Thus, begins you nailing the concepts. When you start your journey as you're starting in week one, it doesn't matter if you have … The NINJA Audio, it covers all of the topic, so you don't have to read, for instance, the NINJA Book for bonds in order to listen to the NINJA Audio covering accounting changes because the goal of the NINJA Audio is to put the material in your head and for you to listen to it as many times as possible between when you purchase and exam day.

The average NINJA Audio is maybe three hours. If you have an hour commute each day, well, then you can listen to it one to two times a week during your commute. Then while you work, you can listen to it all day at work which if you are me, I'd much rather listen to music. If you can stand the sound of my voice for eight hours, and I understand if you can't, you can listen to NINJA Audio 24/7. If you want something that can really put you to sleep at night, listen to it right before you go to sleep, too.

You start reading the NINJA Book. You start that process and you treat it like it's your video course except you are reading it. Every time you get in the car … You load the NINJA Audio onto your iPhone or Androidr. You load it onto your iPhone, your Android, whatever and listen to it in the car, listen to it in the gym, listen to it as you mow the yard. Listen to it as many times as possible.

Also, the NINJA Notes, print them out. Load them on your iPad, your tablet, whatever. Take them with you everywhere you go. I mean, everywhere you go. 😉 That is the nail the concepts, the N in NINJA. We're reading our book. Listen to the NINJA Audio 24/7, taking our NINJA Notes everywhere we go. Next is we're taking intense notes.

The I in NINJA is to take Intense Notes.

As you read the NINJA Book, take Intense Notes. Go to your friendly neighborhood office supply store. Buy a stack of legal pads and just go to town. Start writing. Just start making furious CPA Exam scribbles over topics. If you didn't know it or if you think you'd forget it, write it down. Take really good notes. If you're listening to the NINJA Audio and you want to, take notes.

I should also back up. At this point, you're not working any multiple choice questions except for what is in the NINJA Book. There are application questions. The NINJA Book does not put all the questions at the end of the chapter. I don't like that. You have the concept and you have the direct CPA Exam application right away so there's no delay there. No flipping back and forth. Again, at this point, you're not doing any multiple choice questions in any software because you are nailing the concepts.

After you get through your book, after you get through the NINJA Book and after you've taken your notes, then you move on to the end, which is nonstop multiple choice questions. The reason for this is because if you do chapter one in NINJA Book and then do the corresponding section in NINJA MCQ, and then just do chapter one book, chapter one MCQ, chapter two book, section two MCQ, basically you're going to have to redo all those questions anyway because what you learn in week one, you're going to forget in week seven.

This is just a more efficient method of studying for the CPA Exam. Same way if your review instructor assigns homework after each section, I recommend not doing that. Sure you can and it might be an effective use of time, but it's not an efficient use of time.

Step three, now we've read the book…We listen to the audio 24/7…Our notes are with us everywhere we go…Now, we log in to NINJA MCQ.

The N in NINJA is Non-Stop MCQ.

It's time to start cranking Non-Stop MCQ.

NINJA MCQ has adaptive learning, which simply means the software knows what you don't. There are two options. You can go topic by topic or just do a 20 questions set of multiple choice questions and just let the software feed you questions. I personally like to drill down by topic, so you can study bonds topic by topic. You can go bonds, pensions, inventory, whatever, or you can just let the computer feed it to you. It doesn't matter what your preference is.

The goal with Non-Stop MCQ is to hit the review phase, and how you hit the review phase.

NINJA MCQ has three phases: assessment, adaptive and review.

Your assessment phase is the first 35% of the material. It's figuring out what you know and what you don't. Then the adaptive learning kicks in and it starts hitting your weaknesses more often. You hit the review phase when you have successfully answered all questions correctly at least once. The goal is to hit the review phase because you've answered all the questions at least once. As you do your multiple choice questions, continue to take notes, so you have this killer stack of legal pads. Continue to take notes.

The J in NINJA is to “Just Re-Write your Notes”

I had to figure out a clever way to fit a J into NINJA. Rewrite didn't work, so you just rewrite it. Make sense, right?

You have this killer stack of legal pads from your notes, from the NINJA Notes that you've scribbled stuff down from NINJA Audio, from NINJA Book, NINJA MCQ. You have this awesome stack of legal pads. Now, it's great except taking notes one time is only slightly less worthless than highlighting in a book. It's great that you took the notes but you need to take them to the next level. You need to take those furious scribbles and turn them into fact nuggets.

I recommend taking graphing paper, making a line down the middle, and on the left side, you just start making little bullet points, little notes. You can fill up two sides of each graph, paper, page. I would rewrite your notes so you're taking your long form notes and turn them into fact nuggets. Then what you have there is review gold. Take that with you everywhere you go. Do this two weeks from exam day because it will probably take you about a week to rewrite your notes.

It might seem like a waste of time. It's not.

It might seem like it takes forever. It does.

It does pay off, however because you are having to … While you're reading your book or whatever, you thought through material once. You wrote it down. This is causing you to not only look at the material … I mean, anyone can scan notes. That's great. It's causing you to scan your notes and reword them into little fact nuggets so it is rewords them into phrases that really stick with you, that really makes sense to you. Do this two weeks out. If you're one week out from your exam, do not rewrite your notes.

The A in NINJA is where it “All Comes Together”

This is where it all comes together for your final study review and you're about one week out.

Now, we are one week out from exam day. We've read our NINJA Book. We've listened to the NINJA Audio at least 10 times. We've read through the NINJA Notes too many times to count because we read them first thing or in the morning, at lunch, at night before you go to bed. Everywhere we drive, we're listening to the NINJA Audio. We've rewritten our notes. We carried those with us everywhere. We've hit the review phase in NINJA MCQ.

Now, we are one week out from our exam. Start with your weakest topic. If you take regulation and you know that you are really weak on corporate taxation, start there. Just drill down and do all your corporate taxation questions. Do that until you're hitting about 70% proficiency. That's an arbitrary number but good enough to move on because time is of the essence.

You cannot be an expert in corporate accounting or corporate tax. You can't. You have to be good enough for the exam. Let's say your next weakest topic is agency law so then you move on to agency law. Just arbitrarily figure out what your weakest topic is and move towards your strongest topic.

As you are working through your review your final week, your goal is to have a trending score of 85%. Now, not everyone will hit 85%. Some people are trending 75% and score an 80. Some people are trending 65 and score an 80. Everyone is different. This is what I know. This is from a big poll that I did. People who trended 85% and hit the review phase so they're trending 85% and they hit the review phase which means they did every question correctly at least once, 85 to 90% of them passed.

The people who didn't, I would say a large percentage of them had done the question so many times that they had memorized the answers. I don't know that for a fact. It's just my guess. If you're trending 85 and you hit the review, you stand an excellent chance of passing.

Now, you have NINJA Blitz, which is basically a hybrid of the notes and audio. It's a video PowerPoint. Watch that two to three days before your exam, maybe even the day before your exam.

Again, this is the final week before your exam. NINJA Notes, read them one day before your exam. Read your notes one day before your exam. On exam day, get up. Maybe work a section of NINJA MCQ of your weakest topic. Read the NINJA Notes again if you can. I like to schedule my exams or when I was taking the exam, I like to schedule them around 1pm. That way I could get up around six and just study for four hours.

Some people say don't study the day of your exam, the day before. I don't agree with that. Read your NINJA Notes again, if you can.

On your way to the exam center, listen to the NINJA Audio over your weakest topic. When you get there, they say to show up 30 minutes early. It's up to you whether or not you want to do that. I personally stayed in my vehicle and I studied. Maybe listen to 15 minutes of the NINJA Audio, 15 to 30 minutes on your way to the testing center.

Because a lot of the exam lends itself to your short-term memory, and so whatever you can cram into your head and then barf out on exam day, more power to you. Listen to the NINJA Audio of your weakest topic. Maybe something will stick. It might be difference between a 74 and a 75.

Also, before you go in, quickly glance over the five or six pages of NINJA Notes over your weakest topic. Again, just cram the material into your head. Maybe you hate not-for-profit accounting and you refuse to study it, but you cram the NINJA Notes in your head over that topic. Then you'd go in and take your exam.

If you have the NINJA products and want to know how to use them, I hope this has been helpful. If you didn't know how to use them and you're going to buy them, now is an excellent time to buy.

That is how you pass the CPA Exam using only NINJA materials.

NINJA is a Comprehensive and Complete CPA Exam study solution. It can also be easily used with any CPA Review Course.

If you like your crazy-expensive video course and you just want to add something to it, a lot of people like to use the NINJA MCQ along with their current option because NINJA MCQ is often times better.

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