Considering Rescheduling your CPA Exam Section?

05 Dec 2010

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

Jennifer was a long-time member of Club 75 and is here to help and encourage candidates PASS the CPA Exam.

To Reschedule or Not to Reschedule the CPA Exam: That is the question.

If you are a week or so out from a test, the question may be in the back of your head, “Should I reschedule?”

Fees to reschedule can range from $0-$90 depending on how much time is before your exam. If your exam is more than 30 days away, there is no charge. Between 5-30 days prior to the exam, there is a $35 fee. Under 5 days your fee will be around $90, I have had the amount change so I’m not quoting exam prices on this fee in case it’s changed again.

I found that if I hadn’t allowed myself at least a week or 10 days of solid review, I was setting myself up for failure. Before deciding to spend this extra, I encourage you to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What are my weak areas? Identifying weak areas will help you decide if you need to reschedule. If you are weak on half the material, I suggest you reschedule. Compare your weak areas to the weight of the sections for the exam that is provided by the AICPA. My last audit exam (which I passed with a 78), I was still weak in Audit sampling. It depended on the minute if I could tell you the difference between variable and attribute sampling. One minute I could, the next my mind was blank.
  2. What has caused me to not be ready by my scheduled exam date? Have your workload been crazy or the kids and family obligations getting in the way? Now is the time to be honest with yourself, will these be present in the extra days you will gain by rescheduling?
  3. Can I honestly say that rescheduling a week or so later will push me over that 75+ edge?
  4. Have I set aside everything to get this exam passed? Will I be able to do that for my extra days? Can you set aside everything except study for the CPA Exam, sleep, eat and work (if you can’t get a few days off before the exam)? Put in the extra effort for those extra days and you could save yourself time, effort and money of a retake.

Be honest about your study time, weak areas and commitments the last few days before your exam. A reschedule fee of $35 or $90 is much better than a new NTS of $239-$283 plus all the time and effort of retaking an exam.

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cpagal 13 years ago

Jennifer, thank you for that advice!! I am considering rescheduling my exam and I think you gave me lots of clarity about what to do so thanks! Good luck with everything :)