Superfast CPA vs NINJA

Superfast CPA is known for its Super Fast CPA Notes & Audio. They are a competing product to NINJA, but I've only heard good things about them.

While Superfast CPA Review doesn't have a traditional CPA test bank, simulations, and course videos per se, they do have some abbreviated tools that hit on some of these areas, including 13 Walkthrough videos and MCQ & SIM strategy videos. Super Fast CPA also has mini-quizzes for all 4 CPA Exam sections.

Disclosure: This site owns NINJA CPA Review and does not have an advertising or affiliate relationship with Superfast CPA.

✅ Month to Month✅ Lifetime
✅ AICPA Licensed🚫 AICPA Licensed
✅ Course Videos🚫 Course Videos
✅ Cram Videos🚫 Cram Videos
✅ 6,000+ MCQ🚫 6,000+ MCQ
✅ 200+ SIMS🚫 200+ SIMS
✅ Adaptive Testbank🚫 Adaptive Testbank
✅ Course Book🚫 Course Book
✅ Study Notes✅ Study Notes
✅ Audio Course✅ Audio Course
✅ 30-Day Returns✅ 60-Day Returns
✅ Live Tutoring 🚫 Live Tutoring
✅ CMA Included🚫 CMA Included

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