Q3 Pass Rates Released: REG Takes a Beating

October 19, 2011 CPA Exam Pass Rates

CPA Exam Pass Rate

The CPA Exam Pass Rates for the July/August 2011 testing window have been released by the AICPA. For the most part, the pass rates are similar to this time in 2010 – except for Regulation.

Q3 2011 REG Pass Rate: 45.37%
Q3 2010 REG Pass Rate: 54.03%

  • enoughwitdis

    looks like BEC & FAR went up a lot! Maybe a lot of the recent college grads decided to get FAR out of the way before they start working. BEC? well maybe people are getting the hang of the written communication?

  • http://www.another71.com Jeff – another71.com

    New Grads + no tax season probably helps. Nice to see the big swing in BEC grades from Q1.

  • Need REG

    Glad I waited until 2011 to take REG (the last one I needed) :(

    I have confidence that I passed in this 4th quarter though…4th try is the charm!

  • Miranda

    This makes me really nervous since I take REG next month!

  • Hey Miranda


    Who cares how other people did. All you can do is prepare YOURSELF as much as you can.

  • Jenny

    Wow. Does not bode well for score release, but I already felt that way leaving Prometric yesterday afternoon after taking REG.