Three Scores in … I Passed REG!

KimberlyMKimberly is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I have been very good with not peeking at my first 2 scores from this summer study session, but as my third score hit my inbox Tuesday night, I was too anxious to go home and check what all of the results were.

Here is a recap of what I did this summer. I studied 9 days for REG, 9 days for BEC and a whopping 21 days for FAR! This was a very exhausting and brain draining summer. However, the RESULTS are in!!!!

Unfortunately I didn’t pass BEC and FAR, BUT, I am extremely GRATEFUL and THANKFUL to have passed REG, which was the first one I sat. So I’m thinking after that first exam my brain was just too exhausted for the last two.

So I’m going to start studying for BEC and FAR in the upcoming window. I do think I will be making a complete switch over to the Wiley & NINJA materials to see if that format of studying helps me to better grasp the concepts.

As for now, I’m just focusing on catch-up at work and spending time with my family who I missed all summer long AND preparing for my re-match with BEC and FAR.

One down (THANK YOU), three to go! Not giving up.


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  1. Jeff @ says:

    Congrats Kimberly!