Good News: I Gained 33 Points and PASSED FAR!

05 Aug 2014

I Passed FAR, NINJA CPA Review

Tracey is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


Well I have some good news to share. I PASSED FAR! I literally kept refreshing the page and double-checking the numbers I entered to make sure the scorer was mine.

This was my second time taking FAR and I defiantly studied like crazy for it. I reread my book, answered every single SIM in my book, purchased NINJA MCQ (trending a 66% going into the exam), and really focused on learning the concepts on my weak areas.

I also made handmade flashcards with J/Es, calculations, definitions, etc. on them. Anything I kept tripping up on went on a note card. I reviewed these every day at work.

Going into the exam I had to gain 29 points to pass…instead I gained 33 points! Everything I said above is what I did different. I also really tried to figure out how I learn best. That is a hidden secret to these exams is that no one learns the same. So you have to figure out what works best for you.

So now it is time for AUD which comes at the end of August. Right now, I am 75% complete of reading the book. I will finish this weekend and then the non-stop MCQs begin along with focusing on any weak areas I might have.

I will have 3 weeks for review so this should be enough. I will continue to make note cards and plan on doing every SIM in my review book, along with listening to NINJA Audio during my commutes.

Congrats to all who passed this first score release, if you didn’t get back on that horse and PASS that exam. If I can gain 33 points you can too!

Keep studying hard!

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Anya 10 years ago

How long did you study FAR and do you know how many hours you put in it?

Tracey 10 years ago

For the second time I studied for 7 weeks and and average of 25 hours a week.