Good News after a Rocky Year: I Passed FAR!

24 Sep 2013

I Passed, I Passed FAR, NINJA CPA Review

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Hello my fellow NINJAs!

It has been a long time since I have written anything. I am going tell you what I have been doing for the last year. Last I wrote I had taken FAR for the second time. The first time I got a 74 and this second time I got a 72. I actually did worse!

Then we had a bunch of things go on. We got plagued with job losses in the family. We also had a home in another state that was unrented and the only way we could rent it was by renting it for about $300 less than our mortgage payment per month. With job losses rampant we needed a solution.

Luckily a friend of mine came out of the woodworks and we were able to get me a job as an auditor for a small CPA firm in the same state where our home was. It was a blessing! We moved back for the job and moved back in the house.

About 4 months later I got let go because there wasn’t enough work going around. The firm had lost a client and everyone was looking for things to do. Eventually I was able to get my current job as an accountant for part of the Larry H. Miller group here in Utah.

It has been quite a rocky year and due to this my studies got put on hold. Then about 4 months ago I decided to get back in the saddle. I studied my butt off and I was able to cinch a passing score for FAR! I ended up getting a 75! After 3 failures with this exam (2 with FAR and 1 with REG) it was good to see.

I checked my score and had to check it about 5 times before I was convinced that I wasn’t dreaming. I took a snapshot with my phone and sent it to my wife to have her confirm that I wasn’t dreaming. Since then I have received a letter indicating my credit for the exam. So, it must not have been a dream and now the clock is ticking!

So now off to study. I have REG scheduled for November and this time I will take my last score of 72 on REG and I will knock that one out too. I am actually getting sick of not passing and I think that is part of my drive. So here is to passing the next three tests and getting my life back!

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