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Keep Moving Forward – one Flashcard at a time

Joshua is a [A71 product=”combo”]NINJA CPA[/A71] blogger At this point in studying, it’s all about the calendar. I am over halfway through my [A71 product=”books”]FAR book[/A71], employing the NINJA method of studying, and it is starting to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Every missed opportunity to review a flashcard or listen […]

NINJA CPA Exam Study Guides

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Introducing: NINJA ASSASSIN Audio Series: AUD

The NINJAs have been in the recording studio with one goal in mind: following you wherever you go. Their latest offering – NINJA ASSASSIN Audio Series – Auditing & Attestation is slim, trim, edited to under 2.5 hours…no uhs, ums, or coughs. Just the facts, Maam. Commute? Jogging? At Work? iPod®? iPhone®? The Study Possibilities […]

2012 AUD ASSASSIN – Now Available

Just like REG, the 2012 AUD ASSASSIN is now available to help you destroy the CPA Exam on Exam Day. The NINJAs wanted a more visceral adjective than “destroy”, but we wanted to keep it PG-13. Stay tuned for the unrated Director’s Cut. Already have the AUD ASSASSIN? E-mail for your free update (all […]