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01 Jul 2015

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Joshua GraunkeJoshua is a NINJA CPA blogger

At this point in studying, it’s all about the calendar. I am over halfway through my [A71 product=”books”]FAR book, employing the NINJA method of studying, and it is starting to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Every missed opportunity to review a flashcard or listen to Jeff’s audio feels like it will be the reason I get a 74 instead of passing this miserable test.

I find myself taking longer lunch breaks to get a little more studying in and try to nail one more concept before I go back to my desk.

I missed a day this week studying to celebrate the Stanley Cup, and now it seems like I shouldn’t have even watched the game, much less partied long after the game was over.

It has definitely been a learning experience. Life has now become a mish-mashed pile of work and studying, with the occasional gym visit to relieve the stress of this exam (seriously, die consolidations).

I have learned that the best way to get through this is simply to block out the outside world and use 100% of your free time to learn or refresh a concept.

I keep looking up at my clock during the late night study sessions and think “another hour closer!” I read the A71 forum for near 8 months before starting and still didn’t quite grasp the breadth of this undertaking.

I plan to wrap up the final chapters over the next 10 days and begin the second “N” of the NINA method and try to get as many MCQs done as possible.

My girlfriend has been a trooper about the process, and has even had me explain certain things to her while she looks at the book to help reinforce it in my memory.

Little things like a supportive significant other can make all the difference in my energy and enthusiasm to study, so I am thankful she is willing to trek through this with me.

I’ve found that there’s no secret cheat code for the CPA. The only thing that gets you through this is constant vigilance and commitment to the process.

I just need to keep moving forward. One more flashcard, one more listen through of the lecture. Keep focused. 37 days to go.

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