15 New CPA Exam Simulations added to NINJA MCQ

15 Apr 2020


cpa exam simulations


We just added 15 CPA Exam Simulations to the NINJA MCQ Simulation list.

New Simulations:

FAR: Consolidation: Eliminating Journal Entries

AUD: Evaluating Audit Evidence

BEC: Direct vs Absorption Costing (SIM), Expected Value (SIM), Budgeting: Master, Static and Flexible (SIM), Economic Indicators (Written Communication), Financial Statement Analysis (SIM), Performance Measurement (SIM), Capital Budgeting Decision (Written Communication), Financial Statement Analysis (SIM)

REG: Form 1120 – Schedule M-1, Form 1120 – Schedule M-3, Corporate Distributions, Form 1040 – Schedule A: Charitable Contributions, Form 1120S – Amount and Character of Gains and Losses

Updated NINJA MCQ/SIM Count:

FAR: 2,232 MCQ & 51 SIMS

AUD: 1,278 MCQ & 57 SIMS

BEC: 1,437 MCQ & 50 SIMS

REG: 1,633 MCQ & 54 SIMS

Total: 6,580 NINJA MCQ & 212 SIMS

Screenshots from NINJA MCQ

ninja cpa review mcq
ninja cpa review mcq
ninja cpa review mcq

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