CPA Exam Scores: Released Tuesday Night

cpa-exam-score-release-2016-q1Update: NASBA released 2/15-2/29 scores as scheduled.

The AICPA has released the 2016 CPA Exam Score Release Timeline for January/February 2016 exams.

Just tossing this out there – since everyone is hitting refresh at 1am EST anyway, can we move the Score Release back a few hours to 10pm?

(you know – for the good accountants of America who go to work and help protect the public interest and need sleep…)

Anyone? Bueller?

2016 CPA Exam Test Date
2016 Score Release Date

Jan 1 – 20

Feb 4 – 1am EST

Jan 21 – Feb 14

Feb 23 – 1am EST

Feb 15 – Feb 29

Mar 9 – 1am EST

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5 comments 6 years ago

I took the exam on 2/22/2016 and it is currently 4:00 p.m. on 3/9/2016 and still have not had my results posted. Anyone else in the same boat? Put me out of my misery.

Jeff - 6 years ago

Yes - check out this thread:

Naftaly 6 years ago

Does any one have the dates for Q3 score release dates. I have an exam scheduled for July 5th

Jeff - 6 years ago

Here you go