CPA Exam Scores: Released Tuesday Night

01 Mar 2016

CPA Exam Study Tips

By Jeff

cpa-exam-score-release-2016-q1Update: NASBA released 2/15-2/29 scores as scheduled.

The AICPA has released the 2016 CPA Exam Score Release Timeline for January/February 2016 exams.

Just tossing this out there – since everyone is hitting refresh at 1am EST anyway, can we move the Score Release back a few hours to 10pm?

(you know – for the good accountants of America who go to work and help protect the public interest and need sleep…)

Anyone? Bueller?

2016 CPA Exam Test Date

Jan 1 – 20

Feb 4 – 1am EST

Jan 21 – Feb 14

Feb 23 – 1am EST

Feb 15 – Feb 29

Mar 9 – 1am EST

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4 comments 8 years ago

I took the exam on 2/22/2016 and it is currently 4:00 p.m. on 3/9/2016 and still have not had my results posted. Anyone else in the same boat? Put me out of my misery.

Jeff - 8 years ago

Yes - check out this thread:

Naftaly 7 years ago

Does any one have the dates for Q3 score release dates. I have an exam scheduled for July 5th

Jeff - 7 years ago

Here you go