Accounting News – March 12, 2010

…Following accounting and business news so that you don't have to… 
…At a time of high unemployment and low hopes, jobs in the accounting and auditing fields are expected to grow

…Lifelock fined $12M by the FTC

…Money has 12 ways to cut your taxes

…The SEC gives everyone more time for a possible transition from U.S. GAAP to international reporting standards…

…Sometimes, you just need to tell your boss NO

…Can you get money back for purchasing a washer and dryer in 2009 that has the energy star on it? Taxgirl says no

…10 friendly ways to spend your tax refund

…The IRS wants taxpayers who pay state or local real estate taxes but don?t qualify to itemize their tax deductions, to know that they may qualify for an increased standard deduction

15 ways to be more productive

Start inviting your kids into your work life

…Do you really need to submit a cover letter with your résumé?

…AICPA/NASBA/Prometric renew their contact until 2024…

…10 tips for small businesses to reduce risk of an audit

Top Secrets of a CPA Start-Up

…Recession Flattens Accounting Firms in ?09…

…The Art and Skill of Saying ?No? Effectively

…GAAP/IFRS Convergence: The SEC's Roadmap is a Highway Leading Nowhere

…Has the Minimum Wage Increase had Unintended Consequences to Teens?…

Today?s Fiscal Crises Call for Top CPA Talent

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Va Nam 11 years ago

I purchsed Yaeger Homestudy in 2008 and passed BEC. I wish to know whether there are substantial changes in content of the other 3 exams i.e. REG AUD and FAR as I intend taking these in April/May 2010. Any help will be greatly apreciated. Thanks. Va Nam

Jeff - 11 years ago

Va Nam, If it were BEC you still had left, I would say to use the 2008 material for BEC. However, for AUD, REG, and FAR - I wouldn't feel comfortable using 2008 material that was written in 2007 for a 2010 exam. I highly advise you to get new HomeStudy editions. This is what I would do in your situation. -Jeff