Accounting News – March 19, 2010

…Following accounting and business news so that you don't have to… 
…Five Tips to Avoid Tax Time Stress

…Navigating interview questions like “What did you like least about your last supervisor?”

…Top Ten Facts About the Child and Dependent Care Credit

…Taxpayers can claim increased credit for higher education expenses in 2009, 2010
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CPA Net Income Per Partner Surges 16%

…States may hold onto tax refunds for months

Lehman file rocks Wall Street – Repo 105 used to move $50B worth of debt off of balance sheet…

An eye-opening look at 401(k) fees

…Dear Accountant: Advice from a prospective client

…The AICPA is accepting 2010 Leadership Academy applications

Test your Internal Control knowledge

Nailing that job interview

…Twitter etiquette that could land you a job

… How to Set Up a Home Office

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Anne 11 years ago

I really like this new feature, it's such a value for candidates who don't have time to browse the web for industry news on their own. The topics you choose are a good mix, and it's fun to discover new resources that I hadn't heard of, i.e. the Cube News site.

Jeff - 11 years ago

Thank you Anne! I appreciate the feedback. -Jeff