CPA Exam Results Update: June 23 #2


I just spoke with NASBA and this score release window is now CLOSED.

The AICPA release for REG and FAR numbers seemed lower than normal. Apparently less people took those exams this window.

NASBA REG scores are also a “go” for a Wednesday night release. Look for them around 10:15pm Eastern.

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105 comments on “CPA Exam Results Update: June 23 #2”

  • Does anyone from California know how long it takes for your online account to reflect ‘Credit’ status for a particular section? According to my advisory score, I passed FAR but my account still says ‘No Credit’ for that section. Couldn’t find any answer through the FAQ’s so I thought I throw this one out to the another71 community here …

  • Jeff,

    I took REG in Michigan in May and still haven’t received my scores. Do you know if they still have more scores to release?

  • Scores were posted sometime last night! 82 on FAR and that means…I’M DONE!! Thanks

  • NASBA replied to my email saying that Wisconsin scores will be released on the website “hopefully towards the end of this week.”

  • I had my husband check the mail and I took my test 5/15/09 but didn’t receive anything yet. No mail or online score.

  • I received my wave 2 Wisconsin score in the mail today! There still isn’t anything online though.

  • @JS
    Thank you – I did try this and even read the book thoroughly this last time. I’m wondering if I need something instead of Becker?

  • Jeff,

    Is there any way that you can use your powers to get an update from NASBA regarding Wisconsin? This wait is excruciating!

  • @ REGisouttogetme

    That was the first section I took, passed with an 86, left with the feeling like I totally failed. I also used Becker, I listened to all the lectures, and was sure to do ALL the practice questions. The thing that helped me the most was the practice questions. Read through not only what answer is Correct, but why the other answers are NOT correct. I found that by understanding why the answers were wrong I could avoid the “trap” answer. Practice at reading through a question and knowing exactly what the question is testing you on. Becker refers to this as the “call of the question” once you know that the answers hopefully will come easier.

  • Does anyone have any advice for REG? I passed 3 parts and have now failed REG for the THIRD TIME which means I have to retake Financial which I already passed. I’m doing becker and have already purchased it 2x’s b/c it expired.

  • @ Holly,

    My guess is Jennifer received scores in the mail maybe a few weeks ago? They would have been from Wave 1 of score release. By the time she would have gotten her scores via mail NASBA would have pulled her score from the website in preparation for Wave 2 results. I got my AUD score about 2 weeks ago. The score was only available online for maybe a week. Once I got the letter in the mail the score was gone from But I’m still waiting for my FAR score! I can’t believe the wait. I took the exam 4/15…

  • Jennifer, when did you receive them in the mail? Doesn’t WI have to post the scores online before the next testing window starts on Thursday?

  • I actually received my WI scores via mail and then tried to pull up the scores on-line and it says scores are not found. WI gets the “dislike” button.

  • @JR
    I have sent emails, but haven’t gotten any response. I tried calling thier office and wasn’t able to get ahold of a real person. I think they are hiding from us!

  • I’m also waiting on Wisconsin scores. If anybody gets any info about the release date please post it here!

  • Ann~

    This is crazy. I sent an email to NASBA asking what the delay is, go figure no response. WI must be the slowest state. What a joke.

  • Jeff, if I pass all 4 parts of the exam now, but don’t have the required work experience and can’t get it for another, say, 2-3 years, will I lose all my credits within that time? I guess, what I’m asking is, once I pass all 4 parts, can I lose my credits if I don’t get my license within a certain amount of time from the date I pass the exam or do I have the credits forever?

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions.

  • Jeff,

    Do you know whether or not I can actually say that I am a CPA even if I don’t get licensed? If I pass all 4 parts but don’t get my experience and hours requirement in my state is passing the CPA exams worth anything?

  • Still waiting for my score in WI for REG. Did anyone in WI received their score yet? This is my last one, I hope I pass.

  • Am I the only one that hasn’t received a score yet for this testing window?? Waiting for FAR, my last score (hopefully)…The voices in my head are getting louder and it’s getting harder to ignore them…

  • Passed REG. One down, Three to go! Congrats to all that passed and keep on plugging along to those that didn’t.

    Special thanks to Jeff for giving us the forum to vent

  • 75 on REG and I’m done! Thanks Jeff for everything you’ve done along the way! Good luck to those who haven’t passed yet, keep on moving forward and keep your head up!

  • I`m still wating for my Aud, Far scores in VT. Is there someone like me?, and if anybody who knows why, plz tell me.

  • Well Another71, thank you for keeping me such good company over the past 6 months. It’s sad for us to part, but now I have passed all 4 sections. Take care of yourself 🙂

  • Jeff! Love this website! It definitely helps me each day to stay motivated. Just found out I passed REG…got a 97 somehow…which is ridic because I was convinced that I failed. Halfway done!!!!

  • Scores are finally up in GA. Passed reg with an 81 and I’m done (4 for 4). NASBA seriously, what is up with your website and service in general? It literally takes an arm and a leg to do anything with that organization

  • I agree completely with Bill, this is an absolute joke . . .

    Good day for sports though . . Go US soccer!

  • Does anybody else feel like number 6886 in a single file line?

    Could not agree with you more, Bill.

  • NASBA should be ashamed of themselves. This is a complete joke and totally irresponsible. Not only do they make us wait like idiots, they then can’t even set up a proper site with all the money they’re gouging out of us to take the exams. They make the DMV look great.

    **** you NASBA.

  • I honestly think it may be easier to get Philadelphia Eagles tickets during an on-sale.

    Is it possible for NASBA to harness this traffic commercially to reduce the test fees?

    Can’t get on to the site again. I think the site is getting refresh overload!

  • Waiting on REG score. Got my BEC score earlier today. Has anyone received news on REG yet?

  • Yeah, that is the dreaded error message. Soon enough. We waited this long. Good luck. I hope i am able to get on the site soon. Stupid computers!!!!!!!!!!

  • No I am able to log into the website but keep getting this error:

    “Error: Score not found.

    Please verify Section ID Number and Date of Birth format and re-submit”

    Is this the correct error if NASBA hasn’t posted the score yet?

    Please tell me they are coming soon 🙁

  • I got my audit score around 9pm ET and even got my BEC score back in February around 815pm ET so sometimes they do post earlier. I did notice though that now my score isn’t showing up anymore on NASBA for the audit score I just got on Monday. Anyone else having an issue with their score not showing anymore?

  • Anyone having problems even logging on to NASBA? I can’t even get on to the home page, let alone check to see if my score was posted.

  • I still don`t get my scores.
    I took AUD exam on May 17th, and FAR on MAY 18th in Vermont.
    Do you think there is something wrong?
    I am getting nervous.

  • Brett, i would call their tech support. No use messing around with expensive review material.

  • has anyones becker ever said error, mismatch on time when you try to open it up and if so how do you fix it. I have only had it running a couple or months it should not be expired yet.

  • Jeff,

    Over the pass few weeks I have found solitude in your website. Thank you!

    I did my FAR exam on April 2nd. I have been extremely patient; however, I am starting to fill overly anxious.

    Meanwhile, I am reviewing for AUD; the exam is on July 2nd.

    Can you help me?

  • @Tommy2: All REG scores should be posted tonight at 10:15 eastern. I was waiting on AUD Monday night and I checked it around 8:00 pm Central and it was there. Not sure how long it had been there. I was away from computer from around 5 til 8.

  • Waiting for REG in FL. Am I wasting my time by opening up every 20 minutes and submitting my id number and birthdate? Or will all the scores post right at 10:15 eastern?

  • yea the simulation, i might as well have left blank it was so hard. I knew my stuff too. I am praying it was like a test simulation or something in which they are not counting it. And if not than i still did well enough on the rest of the test.

  • I had the same situation with REG with the second simulation. First one I was prepared for, the second one was something that we did not even touch in my materials for Yaeger if not for a very brief period of time. I hope I did well enough on the MC and the first sim to get a 75 at least.

  • @pleaseanswer: I had a similar situation with I took REG back in February. The second simulation…….I just couldn’t believe the material. There was like a page or a page and a half in the becker book on that topic. I felt like I bombed that for sure. I ended up with a 94 on the exam in the end! Best wishes to you!

  • I took reg this time frame and was doing well entire exam. I know of a few mutilple choice I missed but other than that felt confident. I got my first simulation and killed it. I got my second one and couldn’t believe how hard it was. Some of it dealt with cash flows which wasn’t covered by becker in reg book. Is it possible this was a test simulation? Or have any of you ever thought u bombed one simulation and still passed?

  • Anna~

    WI is weird, ALL scores in a Wave are held until ALL scores are received. So my understanding is that if you are waiting for AUD you have to wait for the REG scores to be released by the AICPA, then NASBA will sit on them for a day (or two). Then Finally, WI will release all scores. I’m in the same boat as you. WI canidate, waiting for my FAR score. Last section, sat for it back on 4/15!! Good luck!

  • My friend has her Audit score but took the exam in a different state. Why don’t I have my score yet for WI? This is really starting to worry me

  • Hi Jeff,

    I have a question, I recently received my AUD score and I passedd ! I only have to pass BEC, to be done with the CPA !!..I am planning on taken BEC the next window (July/August). Do you have a predicition on what is the last day I can take the exam to be able to qualify for WAVE 1(July/August) ? I am hoping to know the grade early to be able to qualify for a job bonus !!

    Thankss !!

  • I just tried the loophole trick with trying register for REG with the state of Ohio and it let me. Does this mean I failed? Last time I tried this with BEC, it wouldn’t let me reregister and I passed. 🙁 Has anyone tried this and it let them, but ended up passing???????

  • Thanks Matt. So since they were released yesterday, they should be available at NASBA.ORG by this evening. Any idea what time?

  • Generally the scores are released by NASBA the following evening unless you are in a snail mail state.

  • Does this mean that scores will be retrievable from NASBA.ORG or is there a delay from when AICPA releases the scores til NASBA posts them to the website?

  • Has anyone gotten their REG score from NASBA yet? How long does it usually take NASBA to release after the AICPA releases?

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