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09 Dec 2008

Ethics Exam

I didn't have another NTS to purchase this month, so I celebrated by spending $131 on “Professional Ethics: AICPA's Comprehensive Course to fulfill my state's ethics requirement so that I can get my certificate and license.

As far as I know the only place to purchase the course is through – a site the AICPA owns.

I chose the CD-ROM version (Product# 738392HS) over the text (Product# 732311).

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Anonymous 15 years ago

Haha, I still havent gotten my score for my last part (REG), but in the meantime, I also bought and passed the ethics exam. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, I guess my ethics were shoddy to begin with.

Anonymous 15 years ago

What are these things? 15 years ago

Sorry - it's for the ethics requirement that many states have in order to get your certificate/license.

Anonymous 15 years ago

I bought mine through the Missouri Society for $115. It was not state related - just the AICPA version. Here is the website . . .

Anonymous 15 years ago

is this another course in addition to the one required to sit (in Texas) I may be wrong but it sounds like another course on ethics

one college class to sit and one 8 hr class after you pass

good grief why do we have to pay the price for the criminals who tainted accounting....

another 71 ways to suck a dollar out of a billion dollar industry huh ethics huh!

Anonymous 15 years ago

HOLY FREAKING CRAP! I'm doing this now, and I have to ask: How in the world does someone who passed REG on the first attempt fail this thing with an 83 followed by an 85?!

I've looked up the answer to each question one by one, and on the handful of questions for which I was between two answer choices, I changed my answers between the two submissions. This does not compute, and I'm sooo ready to pull my hair out. >_<

Anonymous 15 years ago

I hear you... I spent about 2 hours on the exam and got a 70%, 8 fun-filled hours later, I got a 90% and threw my ethics book out the window...

Anonymous 15 years ago

i bought the book through my state's CPA society website. i'm sure you can do that for most states. just be carefull... some states don't accept this AICPA ethics exam and have their own ethics requirement for being licensed.

Anonymous 15 years ago

Just in case you New Yorkers were wondering, we don't need to take this exam. Maybe that's why corruption is so rampant on Wall St. ? Just speculating...

Anonymous 15 years ago

According to Illinois Board of Examiners they HOPE to receive scores by Wednesday and they HOPE to release BEC scores this week. Yeah right.

Anonymous 15 years ago

95% of the BEC is already out as per ILBOA -

Anonymous 15 years ago

I just passed the exam. What do I do now? I know I have to take an ethics exam. Will they send me the information to do it? 15 years ago

Check your state BOA page...they should have it...if it's the AICPA comprehensive course...order what I did...many states use it...your state may have its own.

Anonymous 15 years ago

Does anyone know if Georgia requires the ethics CPE to obtain a new license? I just passed my last part of the exam and would like to go ahead and complete the CPE if necessary. I've looked on their site; however, I do not see anything. Thanks for the help.

Anonymous 15 years ago

I just passed my last section and was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes Florida to send out the licensure package. I spoke with someone at the Dept. of Business & Prof. Regulation and they said it could be up to six weeks.

Anonymous 15 years ago

I just passed my last part of the exam, and I will have to 1-2 year work experience to get my certificate and license.

My questions are:

1. Should I take "Professional Ethics: AICPA's Comprehensive Course" exam first?

2. My friend is a AICPA Member( $99.00). May he use his name buy this course for me?

Thanks for the help!!

Anonymous 15 years ago

You can purchase it through the state accounting society for less sometimes. It was a little cheaper through MO Society of CPA's & you could attend a session w/ others to look over the questions.

sandip 15 years ago

Dear Friends, I have cleared the last paper of CPA and I stay in India. Can u please tell me is there any way where I can get the book in digitised form without getting the CD or book physically to India. Thanks in advance Sandip

Jeff - 15 years ago

Sandip - congrats on passing! The only version that I'm aware of is the CD or book from the digitized version. You should call the AICPA through their website and find out for sure.

Divya 14 years ago

Hi, I have cleared my CPA exam from Colorado state in Jan, 2009 and I am based in India. I wanted to confirm that in order to be a member of AICPA and to get CPA liscense and certificate do I need to clear Ethics exam. What are the contents of the exam and the next step after the ethics exam. Thanks.

Mallory 14 years ago

Yes, CO does require the AICPA Ethics Exam. I found the book on Amazon for $68 (compared to the $131 on It is the 2008 version instead of the 2009. Does anyone know if that matters?

peggy 14 years ago

Help i passed the exam with a 87%, i looked through each questions again and again and not sure which one is wrong. I only have 1 attempt left...

peggy 14 years ago

Does anyone know how long it takes to process the Colorado certificate? I have lost my orginal score sheet, can you apply for it again? but seems it wasn't ask for in the application. Really appreciate if anyone has information on this.

Jeff - 14 years ago

Peggy - same thing happened to me, only I had an 89...I went back through every single question with a fine tooth comb.

Peggy 14 years ago

Hi JeFf. Have you passed now?

Jeff - 14 years ago

Hi Peggy, yes - I have been a licensed CPA since early 2009.

Connie Jiang 14 years ago

Can someone please give me your input about the ethics exam course, what you like or don't like about the CD-Rom format, and what you like or don't about the textbook? I am trying to decide if I should get the textbook version or the CD-Rom version. Thank you very much for your help!

Jeff - 14 years ago

CD is better - you can search through it and find the answer...added bonus. -Jeff

Connie Jiang 14 years ago

Thank you, Jeff!

navya 14 years ago

Hi, What percentage should i get to clear the ethics exam?

Jeff - 14 years ago

90 or above if it's the AICPA ethics. -Jeff

Y 14 years ago

Did I get the right item because the product number is 732313. Where can I find the state codes to fill in box N Boards Notification/Ethics Exam (State Code)? I need the one for CO.

Michael Maher 14 years ago

Are there any sample Ethics exams around?

Ohio 13 years ago

Well, if they didn't make the CPA exams hard enough to pass, they are going to make me quit on the whole damn thing. I have passed all four parts and now I just want to finish. I have been looking for hours online, but I can't find any way to take the actual ethics exam for Ohio. The Accountancy Board for Ohio is the single worst website I have ever seen. A third grader could have done a better job in developing this. Jeff - Please provide some guidance.

Sara 13 years ago

I just found out I have to take the ethics exam for VA. I am not sure how the grading system works...if I do the exam online and do not pass(what I am reading I have to score 90%) do I have to pay again to retake? How many times am I allowed to take the exam?

Dimas 13 years ago

I am surprised that Mallory's question was left unanswered. (Yes, CO does require the AICPA Ethics Exam. I found the book on Amazon for $68 (compared to the $131 on It is the 2008 version instead of the 2009. Does anyone know if that matters?) Is nobody interested in getting this material cheaper? I assume not everybody is paid by their companies here. While aicpa is making money on us by reissuing same material, there are alternative ways to buy it. Has anybody done it before? how does it work (say with amazon)?

Ness - DE state 13 years ago

I bought the CD for my ethic exam... but I found it it is not organized well. Does anyone know where I can get the exam sample to I do practice and get familier with the question...

samantha 13 years ago

I need to take the ethics exam for illinois now :(. here's what i am trying to figure out: 1. how many questions are there? time limit? 2. if i fail it, do i have to keep paying each time? 3. is it possible to buy and take the course/exam for cheaper than the aicpa website?

Ben 13 years ago

Passed my last exam last testing window and right now working on the AICPA ethics exam; however, I wonder if you have to select only one answer per question is correct (e.g. A is right--> like in the CPA exams) or if you have to choose more than one (e.g. A, B and D are correct and need to be crossed)?

12 years ago

Which states have the ethics exam?

12 years ago

Does District of Columbia has ethics exam?

12 years ago

I just took the ethics course online, and used up all 3 tries b/c I couldn't find the answers to 3 specific questions in the material. scores were 88, 85 and then 88. I think I know which are the right answers now, but I can't submit online, only allowed 3 tries, now must fill out manual exam sheet and mail in, then wait 2 weeks for score, instead of instantaneous. Can someone direct me to the pages in the course material that discuss question 13 (State board action), 20 (loans from client bank) and 23 (board of directors)?