89%…not ethical…92%…ETHICAL!

31 Dec 2008

Ethics Exam

I decided to jump back onto the ethics exam today. I did questions 15-75…submitted and got a big fat 89. 89? I thought the answers were all right the first time.

I went back through them and there was a section that I kind of guessed on and I found a few sleepers in there that got me…spent a few more hours on it…submit…92…I am now officially ethical.

Now all I need to do is submit some forms…cut a check…and I'll be Jeff, CPA.

Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous 15 years ago


Anonymous 15 years ago

As they say -there is a fine line between being ethical and un-ethical :)

Rob in TX 15 years ago

they just want to drill it into your mind so that way if you ever get caught up with company that isn't doing things on the up and up you will not be part of it or add fuel to the fire with your blessing

Anonymous 15 years ago

Trust me, if you ever get back into public accounting, you'll find that the overwhelming majority of people do things that are borderline at best...

Anonymous 15 years ago

Now you get to jump though a few more hoops getting registered and licensed. My license application was approved by NASBA but it took the state 3 months to get the motivation to approve it. At least the really hard part is behind you and a month from now you'll kinda think that it really wasn't that difficult... Yeah right.

Anonymous 15 years ago

You might need to change your name as another92.

Emily 15 years ago

CONGRATS!!! I just submitted mine...an 87 :( I changed some answers I was unsure about...an 85! :( I am finding this exam very difficult even though I have all the resources at the tips of my fingers!! Some questions I'm so unsure about and can't find anywhere though. I suppose I'm not ethical :(

I guess if I try online again and mail in the paper test and fail those 2 times I will have to buy the book again in order to take the test again?

Anyways, congrats!!! I want to get this thing at of the way but I have a monster headache and I'm just plain frustrated.

Eric 15 years ago

Up here in DC, there are no ethics (and I mean that figuratively and literally). So once I passed my exam, I am good to go. :)

Kim 15 years ago

I was kidding with my hubby about how funny it would be--not really!--if you struggled with Ethics after you finally suckerpunched the exam. I did not mean to jinx ya! I'm really glad it's over for you. Believe me, nothing worth having isn't hard fought for.

Anonymous 15 years ago

Anonymous @ 1:28 am on 1/1/09, good to see that you were not out enjoying New Year's and posting on a website at 1:28 in the morning.

Sorry you couldn't get a public accounting job, but don't take it out on others who work at a Big 4 firm while you are stuck somewhere else.

Emily 15 years ago

Quick question: Do you know if there is a standard number of questions on the ethics exam? My book had 75 questions but my coworkers has 40 questions. I?m thinking it may be because she has the 2009 version.

Anonymous 15 years ago

emily. i had the nov 2008 version and it only had 40 questions. i guess it just varies by version

Anonymous 15 years ago

Thanks to anonymous above. I think that anyone who purchased the exam in 2009 only have 40 questions. I finished it up this morning and passed with a 91 after two failed attempts. I'm finally done!

Bubzee 15 years ago

Finally, I'm ethical too! Congrats again Another71!

Byuen Chu 14 years ago

when does the CA ethics exam expire?

Michael 14 years ago

Before anyone buys the AICPA Ethics Test first call AICPA at 888-777-7077. Make sure that your state's BofA will accept the AICPA's version of the test. Most states do accept the AICPA's version but a few do not. I learned this the hard way today. I passed the AICPA version but CA is one of the few states that has their own ethics test. So they did NOT accept my passing score from the AICPA! I had to register on calcpa.org and then purchase the CA version of the ethics test. Now I have to study all over again and pay for the addition test.

sam 14 years ago

i passed all 4 subject 2 years ago...but haven't took the ethics yet. is there a time limit that i have to pass ethics exam??

Casey 13 years ago

Emily- I'm feeling your pain right now. After going 4 for 4 on the exams (trust me, i'm not bragging, I don't know how i managed to pass a few of them), i just hit strike 3 on the ethics exam. Scoring summary...84, 86, 86. On my third attempt I reviewed the suggested sections and changed about 4 answers with no change in score. I am terribly frustrated right now. Unfortunately some of the questions are kind of vague and reviewing particular sections does not give you a clear answer. I'm not looking forward to the hefty price tag of another book! :(

Casey 13 years ago

Also thought I would mention to first time Ethics examers, if you don't pass the first time, write down your answers before you change them. Sometimes you can deduce which answers were correct after making changes based on whether the score goes up or down. Which I had done that now that I'm making my fourth attempt!