Alert – NASBA’s Systems are Down

A NASBA representative contacted me this morning and asked me to pass along to CPA Exam candidates that their downtown Nashville office has been affected by the recent flooding.

While their office building is not flooded, the downtown Nashville area is without power and consequently, all of NASBA's systems are down including their website, phone and e-mail.

An alternate site is in the process of being set up to get them back online.

I will keep you updated as updates become available.


Jeff Elliott



8 comments on “Alert – NASBA’s Systems are Down”

  • I registered last friday and while the charge is still pending on my credit card – they haven’t prcoessed it nor have I received my Registration #’s. I tried calling yesterday but no phone were operating. I want to schedule Reg in about two weeks – you think if i get my #’s in the next few days that’s doable there are still seats left at the location.


  • I tried paying for the CPA exam on the NASBA website and received a message “Error Processing: Socket Error: Connection refused”. Is anyone receiving this message or does anyone know what this means? Thank you.

  • The website is up and running now.

    Hopefully it’s fully operational by now.

  • jeff– do you think they will extend the testing window this period becuase people have not recieved their NTS? Was hoping to get mine early this week and book a test center for the end of the month, but that is not looking likely!

  • wow. thanks for posting this! i was wondering why i was having such a hard time logging on.

    thoughts & prayers with the people of nashville.

  • Please guys you all need to back off. Nashville has just been hit with a record flood and people are loosing there lives. Not to mention some areas don’t have clean water or food. In the long scheme of things human safety comes before scheduling a test.

  • Oh great, just about the time I wanna schedule the FAR and AUD tests.

    What a great timing.

    Baba, you are exactly right. I just took BEC yesterday and the terms “HOT SITE” and “COLD SITE” is still hot in my volatile mind.


  • Shouldn’t NASBA have a HOTSITE on hand?? With all the testing and retesting fees we all pay??

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