Video: CPA Exam NTS – Applying for Two vs Four Sections

06 Jun 2017

CPA Exam Study Tips




Nida says: Looking for help or guidance on the following. Is it possible to pass the CPA exam during the following times: start studying August through November 2017.

So pass all four in three months? Is that three months? Yeah, that's three months. It's certainly possible.

So there's only, let's say, 30% of people who pass the CPA exam the first time, and I don't know what the statistics are on people who pass in three months, but it's extremely low.

How many hours for each section is needed? Please indicate the hours as though the person does not have any financial background.

I don't really think that matters as much. And I would say 120 to 130 hours per section on average, studying 20 to 25 hours a week.

And finally Nida says, should I apply for an NTS for all four CPA Exam parts at once? If no, why not?

I would not, because your average CPA Exam NTS maybe lasts six months, depending on the jurisdiction, and so, if you get into a jam and need to retake two of them, your other two are gonna fall off and you're going to cost yourself some money. So I think if you register for two NTS at a time, I think you will be out only the additional registration fee each time. That's what I would do.

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