AUD 79 – A Much Needed Victory

20 Mar 2008

CPA Exam Study Tips

Maybe it is just my imagination, but I thought the numbers were green when I passed FAR? Green…Gray…Burnt Umber…I'll take anything 75 or above. I really needed this one. I seriously may have taken a looonnngggg hiatus I hadn't passed.

Thank you GOD/JESUS!

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JAY 14 years ago

Jeff, I failed it second time. First one, I got 69 and now 74. I'm really frustrated. I pass FAR and REG in my frist time, schedule for BEC on Nov 23. I don't know why I have a bad luck for Audit part. Do you have any suggestion for me? I'm taking the becker review course. I would appreciate it, if you have any suggestion for me. Thanks. Jay