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BEC - 79
REG - 9/7/17


Derrick is a NINJA CPA blogger. When is enough, enough? It has been an extremely long road to CPA certification. In undergrad, accounting was just a class I had to take. It wasn’t until I gained experience and started moving up the corporate ladder that I began to see the value in having a CPA. Due to my disdain for accounting in college, I needed to complete about 24 hours of accounting in order to become eligible to sit in my state. After a year and a half of full-time work and attending night classes, I was finally ready to defeat the beast. These four exams would be a mere formality, right? WRONG! That was 2011. It has been a series of starts and stops since then. Work, life changes, travel, family commitments, and sheer laziness have all played a part in delaying my journey. In November 2016 I decided

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