Video: Study for AUD & BEC in Four Weeks Each?



Alex writes in, I recall when reading through the digital materials that there is a way to alter your proposed plan for each section of the CPA exam, but I can't seem to find it now. I'm about to study for BEC again. Your BEC plan calls for several weeks of study time, been trying to study for the month of April and take it at the end of April, basically, so I can use May to study for auditing and take it at the end of May.

So basically I'm trying to trim several weeks into four for both exams. Do you have any advice on how to go about doing this? I'm trying to use only NINJA to study for both of these since my Becker subscription runs out in July and I don't want to pay the $3,000 again. I've taken BEC three times already, once before the Q2 change last year, and twice since. I've scored 70 to 74 all three times. Okay, so the NINJA study planner has BEC in five weeks.

So I don't have it to where you can alter it. So you'll have to, so the BEC and the audit NINJA study planner is for five weeks, so you can download that inside of NINJA Monthly, but you can also click the link below this video, you can download the NINJA study planner. It has a seven-week plan for FAR, and a five-week plan for BEC, auditing, and regulation.

Those are aggressive. And that's okay. You can dial it back a notch. But that's really for people who are like, hey, I really gotta get this done fast. And you know, seven weeks for FAR isn't necessarily fast, but that's a quick pace. And especially for, BEC five weeks, auditing five weeks, that's solid right there. That's aggressive for reg, I should say. So, I hope that's helpful.

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