50 Things You Must Know About the CPA Exam – 2011 Edition Sneak Peek

50 Things You Must Know About the 2010 CPA Exam was a relatively-unexpected hit earlier this year with 4,031 people reading it. I took the 50 most commonly-asked questions that I get on a monthly basis and simply sat down and answered them. One person even told me that he taped one of my “50 Things” to his bathroom mirror.

Feedback from the 2010 Version:

“Recently, after discovering another71.com, I read the book that this website offers, ‘50 Things You Must Know About The CPA Exam.’

… I think the book and the website addresses some good questions that the websites from NASBA or the AICPA fail to make user-friendly.

Ultimately I felt less fearful about the exam knowing that so many other people have gone through and are going through the same things as me.”

-Valbona Bushi, Ohio Society of CPAs

“I don’t know if you did your own editing, but this booklet is very well written. It seems to have a lot of good advice for those who plan to take the exam, or are in the process of taking their review course.

If you’re in a large state, you should look into the possibility of joint venturing with an attorney to do a similar book for the local bar exam.”

– Judge William J. McVittie (Ret.)
Purchased book for family member studying for the CPA Exam

For the 50 Things … 2011 Edition, I decided to take the book to the next level. I have included study frameworks and strategies that I have only shared within the walls of Club 75 and the one-on-one coaching that I do.

The 2011 edition is a complete re-write of the 2010 book. They are similar, yet completely different and I am proud of the soon-to-be finished product.

I am releasing the book on Monday, November 22. In the meantime, you can get an advanced copy via a Club 75 trial membership, which costs a penny.

Download it and tell me what you think. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Here is the Club 75 Link: https://club75.another71.com/

To Your Success,

Jeff Elliott, CPA

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