January/February 2011 CPA Exam Testing Window Still Open; Exams can be taken through March 6, 2011

In response to the multiple bad weather events throughout the month of February, Prometric has extended the window through March 6th to allow impacted Candidates test this window.

This decision was made jointly with the AICPA and NASBA.

By extending the window in the Prometric scheduling system, impacted Candidates will be able to schedule their appointments using Prometric's self-service web-based scheduler (www.prometric.com/cpa) or by calling the Prometric Contact Center.

Note: While this was extended to accommodate candidates impacted by the winter weather, the CPA Exam testing window has been extended for everyone.

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Dong Chao 10 years ago

I live in North Carolina and No-one has notified me of this extention. Are the people in the NC Board of Accountancy slacking off?? Why do we PAY EXORBITANT FEES TO THEM WITH VIRTUALLY NO TRANSPARENCY IN GRADING??? Is it just to receive the bad customer service from them??? Please POST SOMETHING if you took the exam this February 2011, but WERE NEVER NOTIFIED THAT YOU COULD TAKE IT the following month!!!

Michelle 10 years ago

Jeff - Does this change your score release prediction timeline?

J 10 years ago

But those who were testing during those bad storms have already missed their test dates, are they allowing rescheduling too?

OC Accountant 10 years ago

I took the exam Feb 28th and I was certainly never told. I live in California and was not affected by bad weather, but I still would have made good use of an extra week to study. I would have gladly paid extra fees to change my exam date. Based on poorly written sim questions and the 40% weight, I'm certain I will be taking FAR again, as well as REG that will drop off in April.

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